The Worst Yet

Since Christmas is over I thought I’d give my blog a quick layout refresh, featuring what I think might just be my worst header ever. If you’re too lazy to go view this post at the actual page, here’s a peek:

CHARMING. You really should check it out though, it’s has the traditional animated rainbow text. I do want to give credit for the unicorn cupcake picture I used in the creation of this monstrosity though.


I first saw it on tumblr with no source, but with some quick internet research I traced it back to Zanda Panda. If someone wants to buy me their unicorn mold I wouldn’t be mad- remember, I DO have a birthday coming up!

The Last Project of 2010

You might remember (or not) that way back in the summer I spraypainted my patio furniture and bought a huge rainbow golf umbrella to make into a patio umbrella for my mini-patio. I cut the handle of the umbrella off with my Dremel (which was really nerve-wracking and I’m still surprised I didn’t like, sever my femoral artery or something) but I was never able to figure out a way to turn it into patio umbrella with a stand.


While we were in Kelowna we visited Taylor’s sister Jaime, and he had mentioned that we needed some speaker stands for the living room now that we’ve rearranged the furniture. As it turned out Jaime has some old speaker stands she’d been given by their mom, but she didn’t need them so she gave them to us.

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

Unfortunately, they won’t work with our speakers, so Taylor left them outside on the patio. I happened to look at them when we came back from our dog walk and INSPIRATION!

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

I took the bracket off the top of the stand- the screw was loose so I didn’t even have to dig out my screwdriver. In a burst of cleansing synchronicity the speaker stand is EXACTLY the right size to fit inside the umbrella!

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

It’s not quite done yet- the umbrella slides down so far onto the stand that it’s hard to work the little thingermer that you depress to raise & lower the umbrella, but I think if add some sort of washer array to make the umbrella sit higher I can make it work.

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

Still, I think this turned out pretty perfectly amazing! Now I just need it to not be the middle of winter anymore, haha.

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

What I’ve Been Reading

special, I-haven’t-been-posting-books-so-there’s-eight edition


The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, 84/104; Under the Dome, 85/104; The Cuter Book, 86/104; Zombie Felties, 87/104;


Chronic City, 88/104; Harriet the Spy, 89/104; Cute Pups, 90/104; The Long Secret, 91/104

So as you can see, I’m not going to make it to 104 books by the end of the year, unless I can miraculously read 13 books in the next 36 hours (which seems unlikely). Maybe 104 books is just too many to read in one year? In the last few months I’ve actually felt BURNED OUT from reading, and it didn’t help that a couple of the books I chose (Sum: 40 Tales from the Afterlives, Under the Dome and Chronic City in particular) dragged on interminably and took me much longer to read than they should have. I have read more books this year than last year (87), and I’m going to keep adding to my 104 books page until I’ve reached the goal- hopefully by my birthday!

a full list of all this year’s books can always be found here

I’m Back!

When I was in the car on Friday I downloaded a wordpress app for my new phone so I could easily post while I was away and then I just… didn’t. Oops! I don’t really want to do a big Christmas recap right now because I’m tired and greasy feeling (six hours in the car will do that) but here are a few things. These are all Taylor’s pictures- I took my camera with me but never even took it out of my bag, although I did take pictures with my phone, which you’d know if you follow my twitter.


The dogs and I at the traditional stop at the former site of the Coquihalla Highway toll booths.


We ended up doing “Swedish Christmas” and opened all our presents on Christmas Eve. I got so many wonderful gifts, including this beautiful ring from Specimental Design, I love it so much! Thanks, husband!!


I tied these decorative berries & ribbon onto Georgie to make her more festive, but she chewed some of them up and pooped out golden glittery poops all the next day. Story of my life, basically.

Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then a fantastic regular weekend 🙂

Mini Christmas

Mini Christmas
how I’m supposed to feel

Last night we celebrated a mini Christmas, since Sym won’t be with us for the holidays this year. I was going to do a real post about it but to be honest I’m in a foul mood because of certain Christmas ruiners so it was coming out really bitchy. I’m going to put it off until I don’t want to strangle everyone.

Mini Christmas
how I actually feel

Luckily the Christmas Elf returned last night so hopefully if I stuff my face with jellybeans I’ll feel better.

Christmas Elf Part 2

Tumblr Serendipity

You know that thing where two different people post thing on tumblr and they show up one on top of the other with hilarious or clever results That’s basically my favorite thing on tumblr. Here are some I’ve saved (warning: one is NSFW).

Whenever I see these I screencap & post them on my tumblr, which also has pictures of dogs & wild animals, rants, Sailor Moon and Deal with It gifs, and reblogs of cheesy or idiotic things with my own special commentary/more rants. Feel free to follow, or link me to your tumblr, or share your own serendipitous screencaps!

A Visit from the Christmas Elf

(To learn about the tradition of the Christmas Elf please visit my post from last year)

Sym's Christmas Elf Haul

a couple of choclate coins (classic); red, white and green M&Ms; a mini-book of fairy glitter stickers; a small toy fawn; green apple, pomegranate and cream soda Jelly Bellies; and a note which reads:

dear Symphony,
good job on your room! can you please ask your mom to do a better job on hers?
the Christmas Elf

That note is SO humiliating, but I guess that’s what I get for not keeping my room clean. I think that if I tidy up and Sym keeps up her good work the Christmas Elf just might make a return visit. Also, can we talk about how Symphony, upon waking up to find her shoes full of a bounty of toys and candy, LEFT IT THERE until I woke up and told her she could have some? How is one kid so well behaved???

Happy Day!

Today is such a good day! The sun is shining, I only have one kid here AND she’s getting picked up early! This morning she and I went out and walked the dogs and went to the park and just had so much fun. Tonight we’re going for dinner with Taylor’s dad and his partner, which means I don’t have to cook, which is ALWAYS a bonus.

Other good stuff:

Last night was Symphony’s school’s holiday concert, which was pretty weird, funny. I thought we got there early but idk, all the other parents must be huge keeners because the gymnasium was already PACKED! We had to sit near the back so I couldn’t really get any good pictures during the show, but here she is beforehand.


idk why she can’t just make a normal face, like, EVER. Also appreciate Claire in this shot, it’s similar to this one of me. As you can also tell I had to move the Christmas presents out from under the tree after a chewing incident involving a puppy who shall not be named.

After the concert Taylor and I went shopping so I could get a NEW PHONE HOORAY!

New Phone!

You may recall I was having intense screen issues with my old one, and it had gotten to the point where it had been dis- and re-assembled so many times that every time I tried to slide it open the faceplate and buttons fell off! Not good. I used this old HTC Dream for a while but it was pretty bunged up and the battery was totally crapped out. I bought myself a new HTC Desire Z and I love it (in spite of some deranged tweets about all my facebook friends being added to the phonebook you might have seen). I also have a new phone number so if you had my old number you should ask me for my new one!

Anyway I have a bunch of cleaning and chores to do while it’s naptime for my lone charge today, so I’ll leave you all with an alert puppins.


Happy Friday!

Fashion is Danger

I really really think I should be a fashion blogger, based on today’s outfit alone.
1. bedhead hair, no makeup & a t-shirt from Urban Outfitters that I stole from Taylor.


2. PLEAT FRONT TROUSER SWEATPANTS EFF YEAH (also from Urban Outfitters).


3. These socks are THIGH HIGH but I have them scrunched down 1989-style, which is appropriate because they are from American Apparel.




EDIT: In case you were wondering my hair is THIS BLONDE now.

Blondes Have More Something

… from THIS (I love this picture btw):

Tanie @ Hellowna Wedding