Maui Vacation: Beach Day #3, the Ocean Center & Coming Home

March 23rd
Lizard Condo
Symphony and a Lizard
In addition to the lizards and creepy geckos (or whatever they were) that lived under our air conditioner, there was a bush next to the parking lots that was like a LIZARD CONDOMINIUM.

We spent the morning of our last full day at the beach, and it was the funnest beach day yet. Not too windy, no crazy-huge waves. We’d finally fine-tuned what we were bringing with us and didn’t even have to drive because it was just like, my beach bag & our towels, Sym’s chair and a little boogie board we found near the condo’s bike rack (Taylor’s big one was broken by this time).

I’ve mentioned before how scared Symphony was of the big waves, and how after she got churned up she wouldn’t go past the breakers at all. Well, that day I’d devised a plan to get her to broaden her ocean horizons: BRIBERY. I told her that if she came out into deeper water and used the boogie board as a floaty, I would buy her a new humpback whale stuffy at the Maui Ocean Center, where we were going that afternoon. Lovely parenting, I know. I used the same method six years ago to get her to poo in the potty.

I managed to get her to let Taylor pick her up and carry her past the breakers, where we then transfered her to the boogie board. She held onto one side and I stayed on the other to keep her calm. She was really anxious at first and started freaking when she saw a big wave coming, but once she realized that the waves would lift us instead of knocking us over she was fine. It was a lot more fun for me too, since I didn’t have to keep going back and forth from Taylor in the deeper water and Symphony right on the shore. Instead, we all got to hang out together!

After lunch we headed up to Wailuku to visit the Maui Ocean Center. For Symphony it was definitely the highlight of the trip- if you ask her now if she had fun in Maui, she says “I went to the aquarium!” The girl is mental for aquariums, for real.

Symphony at the Maui Ocean Center
I’ve never gotten so many non grumpy, non-squinky, non-monster-faced pictures of her in one day.
Some Creepy Flat Fish with Migrating Eyeballs
Symphony at the Maui Ocean Center
Symphony at the Maui Ocean Center
Symphony at the Maui Ocean Center
I can’t see seahorses without thinking of Away We Go: “Why the seahorses, Rod?” “In the seahorse community, the males give birth. The female inserts her ovipositor into the male’s brood pouch. That’s where she deposits her eggs.” “If I could, I would lay my eggs in your brood pouch.” “I know you would.”
Babby Turtle
I’m pretty happy with this picture I got of a teenage sea turtle.
Taylor at the Maui Ocean Center
They have this big tank full of sharks and stingrays, it’s super cool.
In the Tunnel with a Stingray
There’s also a tunnel that goes through the tank. This picture would have been perfect if Sym hadn’t turned her head to look at the giant stingray!
In the Tunnel with a Hammerhead & a Stingray
Two seconds later a hammerhead shark swam past and Taylor and Sym BOTH turned their heads. GREAT YOU GUYS.

Unfortunately, when we got to the gift shop they had NO HUMPBACK WHALE PLUSHES. Crazy! All they had were babyish dolphins and depressed looking sharks, so after about 45 minutes of deliberation she choose six little toys instead. I did find a pretty awesome humpback whale Christmas tree ornament, but it was forty-six dollars. Yes, FORTY-SIX DOLLARS. I don’t even know, you guys.

March 24th

Leaving day 🙁 Let me tell you we were NOT happy to be going home! We got up and instead of going to the beach we had to finish packing, do the dishes and vacuum. So lame! We left the condo at 9:30, stopped at Starbucks for coffee and headed into Kahului, where we killed time at Old Navy trying on shorts and dresses until it was time to take our truck back to the rental place.

Last year we took this redeye flight back on Sunday night, and let me tell you, it was the WORST flying experience of my life! The plane was totally packed and apparently, lots of people with little kids take those redeyes because they figure their kids will sleep on the plane. Well, they don’t. They scream for six hours! This year I was like, NO WAY am I doing that again, so instead we took the afternoon flight, which leaves at 2.

Symphony did pretty well on this flight as well, although she did start to feel sick towards the end. The flight attendants were super nice kept bringing us different things they thought would help: an icepack, water, damp paper towels and a bigger bag to throw up in, just in case. I think they would have brought her the kitchen sink if they thought it would do any good! In the end she made it to Vancouver without puking, thank goodness! I had the same ear problem I did on the way to Hawaii, my right ear kept popping and popping until well after midnight (our flight arrived at 10:30).

So yeah. That’s it, that’s our trip. Now all we have left is our memories, 1,000 photographs (if you think I post a lot of pictures YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much restraint I showed), our macadamia nuts, the cheap summer clothes we got at Old Navy (we have Old Navy here but all the stores are out in the suburbs where I never go, so I end up buying stuff there when I’m in Hawaii or Seattle or wherever it’s convenient) and this quilted pillow slip that I haven’t bought a pillow for yet:

Hawaiian Quilted Pillow Slip

I actually want the bedspread but it’s $800. EIGHT HUNDRED.

Kenui Quilts Bedspread that I Can't Afford


Endless Hair Drama

I’m having major hair confusion. It was a huge disaster for the entirety of my vacation and I’m kind of regretting cutting it short (although kind of not, it was good to get rid of all those fried ends). It looks really cute when I take the time to blow it out, but if I let it dry naturally it’s a sick mess and when I flat iron it it looks weird for some reason. I’m pretty sure I want to grow it back out, but the real question is WHAT COLOUR? Right now it looks like this:


This is the aforementioned natural dried sick mess. It’s pretty close to my natural shade, but the thing is, unless I want to fully embrace the grey, I have to keep dyeing it every month no matter what colour it is.

Some ~inspirations~
hair stuffs
lol clearly I’m leaning towards going dark again. Thoughts? Advice? Tips?

Maui Vacation: The Road to Hana Pt 2 (Warning: IMAGE HEAVY)

March 22nd continued

Oheo Gulch at Kipahulu is part of Haleakala National Park, and since we’d gone up to the crater only a couple days before our receipt would have still been valid, but I’d STUPIDLY cleaned out my wallet earlier that morning so we had to pay again. it’s only ten bucks but STILL. Unfortunately the pools were closed to swimming, which meant we had to stay up on the cliffs and trails, but it was still beautiful.

One of Many Wild Mauian Chickens
This guy thought he owned the place.
Symphony at Oheo Gulch
Taylor Shoots Sym
Taylor and Sym at Oheo Gulch
For some reason Symphony keeps making finger scissors in pictures.
Symphony at Oheo Gulch
The Ocean at Oheo Gulch
Symphony on the Cliff at Oheo Gulch
Taylor on the Cliff at Oheo Gulch
Taylor at Oheo Gulch
Oheo Gulch
Oheo Gulch
Oheo Gulch

Now, this is where almost everyone turns back and from what I remembered from my 1999 visit you aren’t allowed to drive rental cars past that point because the roads aren’t very good. However, I heard the park ranger in the visitor center tell some people they could definitely continue on in their rented Town Car. I think it was a trick though, because if you look at the map in the back of the magazine the car rental agency gives you, that part of the road is marked in red with a big note that “DRIVING PAST THIS POINT INVALIDATES YOUR RENTAL AGREEMENT.” That’s because at this point the road turns into an single lane unpaved muddy track clinging guardrail-less to the side of a cliff. NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW, becuase we would never do something that would invalidate our rental agreement like drive around the far side of the island. If we had, though, photos of the backcountry taken from a moving car might look something like this.

Bleak Trees
Bleak Hills
Taylor After Goats
Bleak Canyon
After all the lush greenery on the east side of the island, the southern side is bleak. Bleak and eerie and creepy. At first the rusted out cars and rickety old rape shacks are unsettling, but as the fences and powerlines fall away you find yourself longing for some sign of civilization.
Bleak Shore
Bleak Goat
They Shoot Cow Signs, Don't They?
Bleak Rocks

... And Back Again
Now, the thing about this weird, forbidden road is that it doesn’t actually go around the island. It cuts across the flank of the volcano and if you take it, you have to drive nearly all the way to Kahului in order to get to Kihei. At one point though, you would be right above where you were staying, and if there was just one road that went down the hill you’d be home in 10 minutes.
So Close & Yet So Far

Next Up: Beach Day #3, the Ocean Center & Coming Home

Maui Vacation: The Road to Hana Pt 1 (Warning: IMAGE HEAVY)

March 22nd

Before we left for our trip I had some people say to me “Ugh, the road to Hana? Don’t even bother! You drive and drive and drive and then you get to Hana and there’s nothing there.” They made it sound like it was some sort of trick, but I think they missed the point- the road to Hana isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

The Way There...

At first glance on a map, the road doesn’t look so bad. I mean sure, it’s a little winding, but Google Maps says it’s only a two hour drive from our condo! What that map doesn’t show is that the road is actually ABSURDLY winding, with dozens of single-lane bridges, blind corners, falling rocks and other hazards like MORON DRIVERS who stop dead in the middle of one of the aforementioned one-lane bridges to take a picture, or come blaring up behind you, trying to pass on one of those blind corners.

I know I’m not really doing a good job of selling this thing, so I’m just going to post pictures to show how truly lovely it is. That side of the island is the “weather” side, so it’s basically a lush jungle-y rainforest of greenery, bright flowers and waterfalls.
Taylor on the Road to Hana
This was the first place we stopped. I climbed down the ravine a little and peed behind a tree, haha.

Symphony in the Rainforest
Symphony was less than thrilled. We actually had a huge fight a little later on the drive about her Attitude Problem.
Symphony in the Rainforest
Waterfall on the Road to Hana
Taylor in a Puddle
That’s my Coke can. I didn’t leave it there.
This might be the best picture of me from the whole trip.

Traffic by a Treacherous Cliff
The guy in the lead car had to get out and move a big chunk of fallen rock off the road.

On the Road to Hana
Symphony on the Road to Hana
Taylor on the Road to Hana
On the Road to Hana
Taylor on the Road to Hana
Symphony-style eye-squinking.

Waianapanapa State Park

We stopped at Waianapanapa State Park for lunch, but not before checking out the black sand beach and lava tube.

Symphony on the Black Sand Beach
“This beach has dark grey sand, not black.” MY LITTLE LITERALIST.
Taylor on the Black Sand Beach
Notice anything? NO CAMERA.
Black Sand Beach at Waianapanapa State Park
Symphony by the Black Sand Beach
The Ocean from the Lava Tube
The light in the lava tube was really cool, there were all these little chinks and holes in the ceiling so it was actually quite bright.
Sym in the Lava Tube
Taylor and Sym in the Lava Tube
Trees at Waianapanapa State Park
Taylor and Sym at Waianapanapa State Park
Picnic at Waianapanapa State Park
All the picnic tables were filled with old people tour groups so we ate on the grass.
The park was full of mongooses. Mongeese? I’d never seen one before, I thought they were bigger than this. They are about ferret-sized. We saw one get in a fight with some birds.
Waianapanapa State Park
Taylor at Waianapanapa State Park
These rocks were not fun to sit on.
There were dudes out at the ends of these rocks fishing. We probably would have walked further out except it wasn’t appropriate for Sym.
This guy is clearly CRAZY!!
Waianapanapa State Park
Taylor at Waianapanapa State Park
There is a blowhole in these cliffs, a place where the waves rush in under the rocks and spray up through the hole. It wasn’t blowholing but you could hear the waves booming and echoing. It was kind of freaky. It had a sign saying “CAUTION BLOWHOLE STAND CLEAR” but everyone there went right up and looked down it.

After we were done lunch and photographing everything we had a discussion about whether we would turn back at this point or continue on to Oheo Gulch. We voted to press on, I mean, why not? When is the next time we’re going to be there, right?

to be continued…

Back to my Regularly Scheduled Life

Welp it’s Monday, and vacation time is really over now. I worked on Friday, but it didn’t seem like a for really-real work day. Today does though. DOES IT EVER. It’s cold and rainy, the kids are all crabby and keep hitting each other in the face, and I have a ton of stuff to do.

Even though I tried to clean up as much as possible before our trip so we wouldn’t come home to a sick mess, there was one area I really neglected: the kitchen island. I don’t use it for anything but a catch-all for things I don’t want to deal with yet, and this morning it looked like this:

A Sick Mess

WHAT. That is a disaster! I’ve been sorting through everything and it looks a bit better now, but I need to get it completely cleared off so I can start painting the canvases for Elina’s mural. Some other fun things I need to do:

• clean the hamster cage & cat box
• three loads of laundry & one of dishes
• take out all the garbage and recycling
• clean both bathrooms (ugh)
• make a 4th light cover for my kitchen fixture since another halogen bulb burnt out
• finish unpacking!

Yes, that’s right, I haven’t finished unpacking yet. Kind of ridiculous considering we got back four and a half days ago but I’m mostly done, I just need to put away some toiletries and shoes and Symphony’s clean clothes. I don’t think Taylor has unpacked anything at all! Before we left Hawaii he said most of his clothes were dirty, but he hasn’t put anything in the hamper yet. I guess when he does I’ll actually have four loads of laundry to do. Great.

I also have to help/nag Symphony into cleaning her room properly. I was in there a little while ago looking for my embroidery scissors (I have two pairs and couldn’t find either since everyone always takes my scissors and puts them in weird places. I finally know how my mother felt all the years of my childhood, haha) and every surface in the looks like the kitchen island up there! I think I got her into a bad habit by focusing on getting the floor clean enough to vacuum, because it seems like all she’s been doing is piling things on her desk, her shelves, her dollhouse… everything!

I also want to get the foyer nice and clean and tidy so I can photograph it for One Room at a Time, but right now that’s pretty low on my list. Hopefully I get to it sometime this week.

Maui Vacation: Beach Day #2 & Happy Actual Anniversary

Yes, I am aware that I have two posts in a row partially titled “Happy Anniversary.” It really was though!

March 21st
Originally we’d planned to go for dinner to celebrate, but instead we went for breakfast at the Five Palms at Mana Kai, where we had breakfast on our wedding day last year. It’s located right next to the beach, so it was the perfect place for us! We all ended up having pancakes: the plain kid’s pancakes for Symphony, macadamia nut pancakes for me, and an apple-banana & cinnamon plantation-style pancake for Taylor. We also shared a quartered Maui pineapple as a sort of started (the plantation pancake takes 20 minutes), and I swear you have never eaten pineapple until you’ve had it really fresh like that. So. Delicious!

Anniversary Pic, by Sym
Symphony took this picture of the two of us, which is actually better than the ones we took of each other.

Me (and my sunburned cleavage) Colouring
This really shows off my sunburn and the star-shaped tanline on my chest from leaving my necklace on during beach day #1. Not cool, me.

Taylor at Brunch
I don’t even know what this face is. At least Symphony can look nice in pictures!

Symphony at Brunch

Oh wait…
I Don't Even Know

After breakfast we headed straight for the beach.
Symphony in the Waves

We’d already loaded the car (with less stuff this time) and driven over so we just had to go to the parking lot to retrieve our beach things. That was fortunate because it was way busier than any of the other days we spent there and we had to walk much further down to find a good spot. Happily, it wasn’t nearly as windy this time but like the previous evening, the waves were really big. Taylor and I both got churned up in the breakers a couple times. What we didn’t get was more sunburnt, well, I didn’t. Taylor got a LITTLE more burnt, but I have no idea why, since we upped our SPF and had a reapplication timer going. I guess he’s just doomed to burn!

We spent the afternoon mostly just lazing around the condo, although we did go into Kihei for some souvenir shopping. Taylor got a terrible Hawaiian shirt for his mom, but there was a two-for-one special so he figured he’d get one for himself as well.
When in Rome

At 5:30 we headed down to Paipu Beach in Wailea, where we were married, to watch the sunset.

Paipu Beach
Symphony on Paipu Beach
Symphony on the Shore
A Rare Instance of Taylor NOT Making a Weird Face
With his camera in hand, as usual.
Tanie in the surfCanon spokes model
My hair was a sick mess the whole trip, and I SWEAR I am wearing shorts here, they’re just really… short.
Sunset on Paipu Beach

Later that evening, Taylor tried to take pictures of the lizards that lived under the air conditioner on the lanai at our condo but I scared the away by banging my head against the window for some inexplicable reason. I think I was trying to see around some pipes and forgot there was glass there. One of the weird translucent gecko-y ones almost fell in my hair!

Next Up: The Road to Hana

Date Night Report- Happy Anniversary & Weekend Recap

On Saturday Taylor and I decided to go out for a belated anniversary celebration. Our actual anniversary was during our trip on the 21st, and while we did celebrate it in Hawaii (I’ll post about that tomorrow) we couldn’t really do anything really romantic with Symphony in tow!


We chose dinner at The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe, the same restaurant we went to for my birthday. It’s only a few blocks from our house and I’m glad because I was EXHAUSTED! I spent the afternoon running around Home Depot to get background paint for Elina’s mural (I can’t wait to start painting!) and had to rush home to meet Symphony’s stepmom because her dad was stuck at some fighting tournament he was helping organize or something, I don’t even know. ANYWAY after that Taylor went to the gym and I laid down to read and promptly fell asleep! When he came back he asked how my nap was and I think I said “I’M STILL NAPPING TURN OUT THE LIIIIIIGHT.” Our reservation was for 7:45 and I don’t think I got up until 7:15! Luckily my hair looks just fine slept on so I just had to throw on some makeup (and pants) and I was ready.

I have to say that dinner was a little awkward at first. I still had that weird, disoriented and dehydrated afternoon nap feeling, and our waitress wasn’t very good- but just with us, which made us kind of uncomfortable. After we were seated it took FOR.EVER. for her to come over and ask us if we wanted still or sparkling water (which she never brought anyway), and then she went to the couple on my left and told them the specials and went to the group on my right and told them the specials BUT SHE NEVER TOLD US THE SPECIALS until after we got our wine. I have to say that once you do start ordering things there it all comes really quickly and was delicious, but just like our last visit, it really got off to a slow start.

Anyway. Enough complaining! We ended up splitting a bottle of sauvignon blanc and to start Taylor had an adorable mini (and I do mean mini, it was practically doll-sized) French onion soup and I had a green salad with poached pears, hazelnuts and panko-crusted goat cheese. For our mains Taylor had steak & frites (again!) and I had the Station 7 burger (classy I know), and for dessert he had sticky toffee pudding and I had this delicious trifle consisting of layers of vanilla, chocolate and marshmallow creme. So yummy! One of the owners brought us complimentary glasses of port (I assume to make up for the crummy start to our service), I had never had port before and it was like someone made butter out of fruit and turned it into alcohol. Taylor ended up drinking mine for me, haha.

The awkwardness also passed and we had a great conversation about books and cartoons, laughed about the guy next to us who confused Don Draper with Don Cheadle (how is that even possible???) and also had some serious future relationship discussion (including a talk about his concerns about the possibility of us having a baby at some point, concerns that may have made me say “vagina” too loudly in the restaurant. Oops). In the end it was a really lovely evening and a perfect celebration of our first year of marriage 🙂

Wedding of the Century

As for the rest of the weekend it had some good parts (getting to hold Symphony’s friend Ali’s pet degu’s brand-new one day old babies), some bad parts (Dougal peed in Taylor’s shoe), some less-lazy-than-normal parts (I actually went to the gym!) and now I’m into the melancholy part. Symphony has gone to bed and Taylor is sleeping as well. He has to go back to work tonight for the first time since the 17th, and I’m going to miss sleeping next to him. His night shifts never really get any easier. He had to take two extra days off for our trip to work, but now because he was off for so long he’s probably going to work Good Friday to “earn” back a vacation day (which he’ll probably never use anyway). So now I have a four-day weekend coming up (I have Friday and Monday off) but he just has a regular old two-day weekend instead. Oh well, I guess I’ll take what I can get!

Maui Vacation: Haleakala

March 20th

On Saturday we gave our poor sunburned bodies a rest by driving up to the summit of Haleakala, Maui’s dormant volcano. We did it last year as well, and I also went up during my first trip to Hawaii in 1999. Some valuable lessons for visiting the crater:
• It is hella cold 10,000 feet up in the air, so dress appropriately. The first time I went I was wearing shorts and a tank top. This is not appropriate!
• The road is really windy, so if, like Sym and me, you are prone to carsickness, take precautionary measures (take Gravol, skip breakfast, etc).
• Don’t expect to be able to buy gas or snacks or anything except for books up there.
• It only costs $10 to get in and if you are doing the road to Hana, DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR RECEIPT because it’s good for three days and you can also use it to get into the coastal part of the park at Kipahulu.

Haleakala Crater
It was pretty cloudy in the crater that day, but you can see some better pictures from last year on Taylor’s flickr.

There was also a heart cloud last year.

Windblown Sym on the Volcano
It’s windy up there as well as cold.

Symphony on Mars
Symphony with the observatory, which just serves to make the landscape all the more Martian.

Taylor & Sym
Practically the only picture I have to Taylor NOT taking a picture/doing something with his camera.

Taylor & his Giant Camera
That lens is RIDIC
Taylor Photographing Me Photographing Him
See?? Luckily that means there are actual pictures of me!

Tanie at the Summit
Tanie & Sym on Haleakala Summit
Symphony was really crabby, so I tried to get her to smile by tickling her. Obviously this backfired!

Haleakala Summit

I took this picture of Taylor about to plummet to his doom from the Leleiwi Overlook. This is at 8,800 feet and is where I always have to stop and throw up. Good thing there is a parking lot!

Tanie & Sym on Haleakala
Symphony and me on the trail to the Leleiwi Overlook. I look weird because I just puked up Jolly Ranchers and coffee.

The Same Ahinahina From Last Year
This is the same ahinahina I took a picture of last year:
Baby Silversword
I swear, one year I will be there to see one of these damn things blooming! (In case you didn’t know, they only flower once and then they die.)

I would say this day was just okay; I think we got better pictures at the crater last year, I got really nauseous on the way down and had to take more Gravol so I basically fell asleep, and Symphony was CRAB. BY. the whole time and whined non-stop about being hungry, which is annoying when you are 10,000 feet up a volcano with no stores or restaurants! We ended up stopping at a McDonalds in one of the little towns on the way back down the mountain just to shut her up! I don’t even remember what we did when we got back to the condo, just napped and read I guess- wait, I just cross-referenced with Taylor’s flickr and we watched the sunset at Keawakapu Beach. I remember now that there was a really high tide and huge waves that evening.

Killer Waves
Killer Waves
Post Sunset

Next Up: Beach Day #2 & Happy Anniversary 😀

Maui Vacation: Beach Day #1

March 19th

Because of the three hour time difference, we all woke up early every day we were in Hawaii, around 6 or 6:30. That was actually like sleeping in for me since it felt like 9 or 9:30!

We decided to spend our first full day at the beach, so after a quick breakfast and a serious sunscreen slathering session we headed straight there. Even though it was basically across the street, we ended up driving over with all our stuff:
• cooler full of Dr Pepper, Sprite and apples
• Maui onion-flavoured potato chips
• three beach chairs
• two beach towels & one beach mat
• a boogie board
• a beach umbrella, which turned out to be totally useless since it was super windy
• books (including my Kindle in a Ziploc bag, haha), toys, my camera and more sunscreen

Child of Prey
Symphony was really excited to be there.
The ONLY picture of me from the whole day is an awkward self-portrait, OF COURSE :/ Also you can see I was wearing my necklace. This had hilarious results.
The Whitest Man on Keawakapu Beach
Taylor was so white. I mean, like, SO WHITE.
Sym Watches taylor Write
He wrote our initials in a heart.
This was his second attempt, for some reason the first time he wrote TT + TT.

What we forgot to bring was a watch or a phone or some other kind of time-keeping device, so we really lost track of time. We ended up stay five hours and in spite of our reapplying of sunscreen Taylor and I ended up getting a little burnt. Symphony was fine though; I think she was just running around too much for the sun to catch her! It was a super fun time though, we just alternated between reading and rolling around in the waves. At one point we attempted to put up the beach umbrella at an extreme angle to act as a windbreak but it didn’t really work, and I had to hold on to it to stop it from blowing away. Our beach neighbors tried to copy our example and their umbrella did take off and Taylor had to chase it down for them!

After going home and thoroughly aloeing ourselves, we drove over to the Shops at Wailea. We were hoping they had a drugstore so we could pick up a few essentials without going to the gross Longs Drugs in Kihei, but no dice. Instead Taylor went to go buy new sunglasses since he lost his in the ocean, and I went to the Gap Women’s store to buy a new bikini. I really like their swimwear but they don’t ship to Canada (last year I had to get my friend Morgan to order one and then ship it to me UPS) and the stores here usually don’t get any until well into summer. I considered blowing Taylor’s mind by getting a red bikini but they only had XL bottoms (my butt isn’t that big. Yet.) so instead I got, you guessed it, grey. Taylor also bought a Gatorade and look!
Gatorade, NOT Gatoradvil
No Advil! Amazing! Anyway I think the only other thing we did that day was go pick up some groceries and then sit around being burned.

Next Up: Haleakala