A Better Wednesday


I may have mentioned before that Wednesdays are the most difficult day of my week, because I have SO MANY KIDS. In addition to my three full timers I have three of my four part timers, for a total of six kids. Now, I’m licensed for seven but let me tell you, six is too many!

At the start of this month I gave one of my part time families notice, since I could no longer accommodate their erratic schedule, and they asked if they could stay if, starting in January, they switched to a regular schedule. I said sure, but told them Wednesdays were no longer available because I just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Originally I had eight of these Wednesdays, but one is during my Christmas vacation so that left me with seven. One of my part timers is going to be away for two weeks in December so that left me with five. The passage of time ate up three, and one part timer is home sick today, leaving me with just two more of these busy-busy days until I’m done with them forever! And who knows, someone else might get sick or have vacation!

Reunited and it Feels so Woof

While Sym and her dad were in Mexico, Dougal went to go stay with Sym’s Grandpa out in the suburbs. Today was the first day he was back here, and this was the scene all afternoon.

Best Friends Again

Symmie it’s Cold Outside

Look at what I wore tonight to take the dog for a walk:

It's Cold Outside

-wool coat
-elbow-length cashmere gloves with fingerless gloves over them
-tank top
-zip-up sweatshirt
-knee socks
… plus the regular lady unmentionables. And my hands and back were still freezing! Like, WHAT THE HECK IT IS SO COLD! I just check my weather widget and it’s -5°C. There’s a MINUS for temperatures now???? This is totally unacceptable, and it’;s supposed to be even colder tomorrow 🙁 Oh and I’m WELL AWARE that there are many places that are much much colder and have snow and wind chill and blah blah blah, but THERE’S A REASON I DON’T LIVE IN THOSE PLACES and it’s because THEY ARE UNINHABITABLE.

In warmer news, guess who is back from Mexico?

Symmie Back from Mexico

Secret Faces

Sometimes when I’m at the computer I’d start up Photo Booth to snap a quick picture of my dog or a painting or just how good my hair looks, and then leave it up while I switch to a different application. Later on, sometimes hours, I’ll close all my windows and find some weird face I didn’t realize I was making. I like nothing more than looking stupid so I started capping them and thought I’d share.

Secret Face 1
Secret Face 2
Secret Face 3

Winter Means Dog Boots

I Refuse to Look

People in Vancouver don’t get snow management. They think that the second snow falls, even a little bit, they need to start whipping salt everywhere. My neighborhood is pretty bad for it, but this afternoon I was at the bottom of Robson Street and the entire half a block of sidewalk where the Safeway is was just ENCRUSTED with salt, even though as I predicted, the snow is almost entirely gone.

The thing about sidewalk salting is:
a) it doesn’t make any sense to do it BEFORE you shovel, which so many people here do, and
b) IT IS SO BAD FOR DOGS! It burns their little paws- I’ve taken Dougal and Kichou for winter walks before and had them limping in pain before we’ve even reached the corner, plus it can make them really sick if they lick it off their feet. After that Safeway sidewalk debacle this afternoon I practically had to put Georgie into a puppy headlock to stop her from getting at her toes.

Some people think it’s stupid to put boots on dogs, because dogs didn’t evolve to wear shoes. Fair enough, but they didn’t evolve to walk around on salt-covered pavement either! After the salt fiasco in my neighborhood two years ago I got boots for Dougal and Kichou, and when I saw the creepy maintenance guy with a bag of salt on Saturday morning (in spite of there being almost NO SNOW) I knew Georgie needed some too. She did the dog-boot goofy walk for a second but got used to them surprisingly fast- this was the only video I was able to get because she started running around the house like a little golden rocket.

Georgie’s First Snow

Georgie in the Snow

This morning we woke up to the first snow, although being Vancouver it was a pretty pathetic amount, and it’s sunny out now, so I predict it’ll all be melted by this afternoon. We took Georgie and Kichou out for a walk and they were pretty excited. Georgie had never seen snow before and Kichou, well. HE LOVES IT.

The Windup
The Pitch

Look What I Have

Le Coeur de Grenade Prints

Did I say this would be on my etsy by this weekend? I meant by RIGHT NOW. I still need to add some photographs of the actual print to the listing but all the artificial lighting in here is terrible, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It’s still good for photographing dogs though!

Le Georgie de Grenade

Whiny Wednesday

I’m not having a super-fantastic day. Wednesdays are always stressful because I have more kids than any other day and today has also had extra stresses like:
1. sleeping in until 8 minutes before the first kids are dropped off
2. an absurd rainstorm that soaked all of us LITERALLY down to our underwear
3. overall bad behavior and poor listening from the daycare kids

NO FUN. But hey, only 3 1/2 hours and it’s over, right? So let’s move on to better things.

Tiny Oranges

On the weekend I bought a mini-box of the mini-mandarins I’m obsessed with (I posted about them last year) and on Monday and Tuesday I ate them all. They’re tiny but the boxes hold a pound and a half. I’ve also been eating a pomegranate a day. TAKE THAT SCURVY AND WHATEVER IT IS THAT ANTIOXIDANTS FIGHT.

On Wednesdays and Fridays Taylor gets home from work late, which means I either have to wait for coffee until almost noon, or get up early and go get it myself (which clearly didn’t happen since I already mentioned I slept in. HOWEVER it doesn’t matter anymore because last night my darling husband bought a Nespresso machine.

Taylor's Nespresso Machine

It’s cute! It’s automatic! He’s going to be in charge of any cleaning! I think I put too much water in the americano I made this morning but I’ll get the hang of it! (Smaller cups will help also.)

Lotsa Greys

I just took this five minutes ago when I was straightening my hair. LOOK AT ALL THAT WHITE HOLY SMOKES. I swear if it was like this all over I’d cut off all my ends and be done with hair dye forever. Unfortunately it’s not so I’m going in Saturday for highlights.

And of course, there’s my golden shadow. She’s started cuddling up with Taylor more, which makes me stupidly jealous, but she still follows me around the house.

Tiny Dog

In other news, I relisted some Fawn and Unicorn prints in my etsy shop, just in time for the holidays! So if you missed out on them last time nows your chance! And later today I’m going out to pick up some prints of Le Coeur de Grenade, which will be listed by the weekend.

Pink UnicornSymphony's FawnCoral UnicornMecha-Fawn

My Triumphant Return to the Gym

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in months. I was feeling angry and annoyed and knew I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour anyway, so I decided to go work out. At midnight. My gym has a 24-hour location about five blocks from my apartment, so I might as well take advantage of that, right? It seemed like a good idea at the time, although I had cause to regret my decision when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning!

The gym is weird at midnight. It’s really quiet, which is awesome since I hate it when it’s super crowded. It’s pretty much just big beefy guys who work out that late- there were only three other women there, and I think two of them just stayed in the locker room, which is pretty weird. I don’t know if I’d go that late again; I’m pretty fuzzy-headed and sleepy today so I don’t think midnight workouts are very sustainable over the long term.

A Case of the Mondays

Georgie "Weevil" Navarro

Or maybe she just doesn’t like being crammed into her little rain suit. Taylor says it makes her look like a convict picking up trash on the side of the freeway.