If You Wanna F@#% with the Eagles


“Heather told me she teaches people real life. she said ‘Real life sucks losers dry. If you wanna fuck with the eagles you have to learn to fly.'”

Or you could just buy a super-sweet skirt with giant awesome eagles all over it.

If You Wanna F@#% with the Eagles

Amazing, right? Today was a great shopping day, I got the skirt for $30 and a pair of grey J Brands for $37. Plus Taylor wanted a new center speaker (guys are so weirdly obsessed with speakers), and even though the one he wanted wasn’t on sale anymore the store still had it marked at the sale price, so he got it for cheap (well, cheap-ish).

Other fantastic things from this weekend:

Rainbow Ice Cream

On Friday we had our usual Dance Central night, but we also had two of the best flavours of ice cream to eat: RAINBOW and TIGER


I recently learned that Tiger (or Tiger Tiger, or Tiger Tail) ice cream doesn’t exist in the US. How tragic for the American people!

New New Hair

I got my hair highlighted yesterday and it’s so blonde now! I love it, but my stylist says I’m at risk for developing BLONDAREXIA. I think I’m at risk for turning into my mom (she went very blonde with age).

On Saturday night Taylor and I watched Lars and the Real Girl.


I can’t believe neither of us had seen it, it’s so good! Last weekend we watched Blue Valentine so I think we’re going to continue with Ryan Gosling Fest and watch Half Nelson next.

I finished the peppermint bunting I made for Sym’s room and added it to my etsy as well.


I think it turned out really cute! In other projects, Taylor and I are FINALLY painting his desk, so I should have pictures of that this week. Also, this afternoon my neighbor Matt brought his ADORABLE baby pug Lucy over for a playdate with Georgie, and Taylor took a bunch of pictures that I’m HOPING with be up on his flickr soon so I can share them with you 🙂

Buy Baby Bunting


New in my etsy shop, pink & gold bunting. Many other colours and lengths are also available, so if you or anyone you know likes awesome, adorable things to hangs on your walls or in your windows, I’m your girl!

What I’ve Been Eating

Tonight for dinner I made my first-ever stew. I decided on this recipe since I already had all the ingredients on hand (minus the parsley, but really, who cares about a little bit of dried parsley? NO ONE). I sort-of halved it and made a couple of changes- before browning the beef I dredged it in a mix of flour and garlic powder, and I added some orange bell pepper and bacon (everything is better with bacon!).

Beef for Stew

the beef getting all nice and brown

Veggies for Stew

potatoes and onions and carrots and celery (bell pepper not pictured)

Stew Cooking

ready to eat TWO HOURS before dinner time, oops

Stew for Eating

super delicious; a successful first attempt!

Take a Bow

Today is a TCB* kind of day: I did up tax receipts for all my clients and paid all my bills, and I’m about to take out all the recycling and garbage and attempt to make a beef stew for the first time ever (note: the beef stew is unrelated to the garbage). I’m kind of extra-busy at work today because I agreed to watch a former client’s toddler for the day- their regular child care provider out in the suburbs has tonsillitis.

I also made the bows to stick on the ends of the Valentine Bunting on the cloud wall.

Bunting Bows

People often ask me “How did you do that???” about my various craft projects, and tend not to believe me when I tell them how easy it is. Well, this LITERALLY could not have been easier!
1. cut ribbon to whatever length you want (mine were all different lengths)
2. tie it in a bow, bunny ears-style
3. put a piece of double-stick tape on the back of the knot & stick it to whatever surface you want
Voilà! Sweet satin bows which hide the raw ends of the bunting nicely.

*Taking Care of Business, durr

I ❤ Bunting

Paper Hearts

I killed my hands punching out all this confetti from paper scraps

This year I’m determined not to let the holiday funk stop me from getting all crazy with the decorating (pls see: the Halloween funk I pulled myself out of at the last minute, and the Christmas funk I didn’t). Last year I didn’t put up any Valentine’s Day decorations- I kept putting it off and eventually it was too close to the actual day to bother. To prevent this I decided to start early, and what better way to start than with one of my favorite crafts: paper bunting!

Valentine Bunting Supplies

I already had red & white flags leftover from Christmas, and Sym and I had light & bright pink paper, so I was all set- or so I thought. I have this ENDLESS roll of 3/4″ black satin ribbon I use for all my ribbon-related projects, and it’s absolutely vanished. After tearing the house apart looking for it I gave up and went to Room In Order where I got some 1 1/2″ antique gold ribbon– on sale 50% off! It was the only colour they had left but I actually really how it looks.

Ironing Ribbon for Valentine Bunting

Of course, it was too wide for bunting so I ended up folding & ironing it in half- all ten yards of it, argh.

Ribbon for Valentine Bunting

This was really tedious BUT I think it saved me time in the long run- instead of having to cut individual pieces of tape for each flag I just put one long piece inside the folded ribbon and stuck the flags in.

Valentine Bunting

I made four 25″ strips for the window next to the front door and three 45″ strips for the cloud wall. I think I’m going to make some gold bows to stick on the ends of these (they look a little raggedy) but I’ll need to go back to get another roll of non-ironed ribbon for that.

Valentine Bunting
Valentine Bunting

I have more ironed ribbon and paper flags left, so I might make more Valentine bunting, or I might save them for other holidays: the light pink with other pastels for Easter, the red and white for Canada Day, etc. In the meantime I need to figure out what I’m going to do with that confetti!

Baby Crazies


When you get married, the thing that people ask you the most is “When are you going to have a baby?” We’re coming up on our second anniversary (WOW) and I still get asked that all the time. It’s kind of silly, because OBVIOUSLY you don’t have the be married to have a baby (living proof right here) and plenty of people get married with no intentions of ever having any babies. Ever.

So do I want to ever have any babies ever? Well. Yes and no. Sometimes I think I want to have a baby with Taylor, and sometimes I think I just want things to stay the same. I like my life right now, and a baby would be a HUGE change. But then I also think that if I did have a baby I wouldn’t want to wait too long and be a super old mom. I actually had this secret plan for a while that I wanted to have a baby before I turned 35. Seeing as how I’ll be 34 in less than three weeks and have no plans to start trying to conceive any time soon I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Sometimes I worry that the only reason I want to have a baby is so I have an excuse to stop working. This would have been completely out of the question before, but last year Service Canada introduced a program of Employment insurance for Self-Employed People (like me). Through this program I could take the same 50 weeks (jealous, Americans?) maternity/parental leave as more traditionally employed people and receive 55% of my income, up to a maximum amount. Now, for regular people the amount you receive is based on your pay stubs, but for self-employed people it’s off your last tax return, and I made more money last year than ever before- enough to be eligible for the maximum. Since I want to keep my enrollment down this year (I had too much stress in 2010) it makes financial sense to have a baby before the end of 2011. But is that really the way to make a decision like this?

Taylor was never interested in having any kids- when a (former) mutual friend suggested he ask me out, the fact that I had a daughter was a near-dealbreaker for him, and he never planned on ACTUALLY dating me (or living with me, or marrying me, OOPS). When I first brought up the subject of our having a baby together he made the same horrified face he makes when I ask him to explain his job to me, and started darting his eyes around, looking for the nearest exit. He’s kind of come around to the possibility now, but he doesn’t want to consider it seriously until he’s more or less out of debt (again with the financial side of things! It’s so much easier to decide to have a baby when you are 24 and irresponsible), so anyone itching for Taylor and I to form some babbies should start making with the monetary gifts, haha.

I guess the only answer I have to “When are you going to have a baby?” is “WHO KNOWS??”



I got a little tired of my super-tacky pink layout so I threw this colour refresh & header together quickly yesterday afternoon. Green is my favorite colour, so I thought this would be nicer and more soothing (no more flashing rainbow header).

Action Symmie!

Dancing Symmie

Kicking butt at Dance Central on Friday night. Her friend Ali was here as well and they had so much fun! I also had fun, too much in fact, and my legs and bottom were super sore all weekend.

Swimming Lessons

At her swimming lesson on Sunday. Normally her dad takes her, but he had a fight on Saturday night so it was up to me. He put her in group lessons, but no one else signed up for this class so she gets private lessons for the price of group! Total score! There were two other classes going on at the same time, with four and five kids in them, and a couple of times the parents almost talked to me, then saw me watching Sym in her “private” lesson. Then they’d give me dirty looks and move away! WOW.

Where I’ve Been Eating

Three Dining Areas

I’m not going to apologize for the mess visible in this picture.

Last year I made this simple half-table for my family to eat at- with the child care Mammut in the actual dining area we didn’t have room for a REAL table, so this is what I came up with. It isn’t perfect, but it worked. I’m pretty much over it though, and I want to take it down, put my beloved Aurora ghost chairs into storage until the day I have a REAL dining room, and use the kitchen Island as an eating area in the meantime.

Eating at the kitchen island means getting some stools, and you’d be surprised how difficult it’s been to find some that meet all our requirements: Taylor wants something with a back & a footrest, and I want something that isn’t ugly. After searching the internet I finally found these “Delta” counter stools on the Crate & Barrel website.


Unfortunately, there are no Crate & Barrel stores in my part of Canada, and I’m loathe to pay whatever the INSANE shipping would be for these. So now I’m searching for something similar here, although Taylor suggested celebrating my birthday with a trip to Seattle (where I could buy these in the sore), but I’m not sure that would be fiscally responsible.