Slumber Party

Slumber Puppy
Slumber Party

Georgie enjoying our new Alina bedspread from Ikea while Taylor is wedged into the corner of the bed.

We bought this bedspread last weekend (it also came with cushion covers but they are HUGE and SQUARE so no pillows I own fit in them) because Taylor finds the duvet too hot to sleep under except for in the dead of winter. I’d actually been coveting it for a million years and he paid for it so who am I to argue? I would like to get some turquoise sheets & pillowcases (from my favourite bedding store, Bed) to use with it so I can keep up my bedroom colour scheme.

l-r: scrub; aqua; robin

I actually already have linens in scrub BUT only a fitted sheet and I need a flat one for my freakishly tall mattress. I also need to get some kind of a headboard- if you look in the second picture you can see a lovely blue stain on the wall above Georgie; that’s from my hair. CLASSY.

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    1. I actually have a special dark brown pillowcase I use when my colour is fresh and my hair is extra stainy, haha. AND STILL NO PICS OF YOUR HAIR WHAT GIVES DANI???

        1. >:| You know I’m not on Instagram ugh GEEZ. Actually tho if I get my kid an Iphone (more like WHEN tbh) I think I’ll sign her up and then post her pics on my blog and call it SYMstagram ahahahhaa

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