Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Bars & Diablo 3

Aaaaaaaaaaall I wanna eat right now. Also I tried something new with my hair today and it wasn’t exactly successful.

Symphony was picked up early today to go with her dad to her grandma’s house so I spent a leisurely late morning/early afternoon lazing around the internet eating ice cream bars. That up there was my brunch, and as you can see in the background Taylor was super busy killing the thralls of Hell.

In the afternoon we went across the bridge to run some secret and/or boring errands, and in a shocking twist I didn’t buy a single thing! Okay that’s kind of a lie- I bought a frappucino for myself (so I could use the washroom at Starbucks) and an ice cream bar for Taylor (I guess they are all he wants to eat too). Anyway Taylor DID buy himself some new shoes for summer, which is fair I guess since I bought some for myself on Wednesday.

New Shoes

H&M, $15.

It’s hard to take a picture at that angle that doesn’t make me look like I have cankles. WAIT, what if I DO have cankles??? THE HORROR. Oh and that floor isn’t dirty, the previous tenant spilled some kind of adhesive and it is LITERALLY impossible for me to do anything about it without gouging the linoleum.

Other than that all I did today was watch a couple episodes of The X-Files (I kind of quit for a while but now I’m back at it) and take the dogs to the park, where Georgie had fun chewing sticks and running with the big dogs. She also scared a German Shepherd away with her mighty bark so like, don’t mess with her or she will mess with you.

Tough Girls

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