Popsicle Time

Dr Pepper Disaster

Wow what a mess these were! Someone once advised me to NOT make Dr Pepper popsicles but I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so last night I figured WHAT THE HEY. Well.

Dr Pepper Disaster

THEY BLARFED EVERYWHERE!!! I let the Dr Pepper sit out and get flat before I made them, but maybe they would have worked better if I hadn’t filled the mold as much. It’s almost as if the syrup separated from the water and oozed out of the mold and dripped all over the freezer (FUN). The resulting popsicles were mildly Dr Pepper-y, although they had a dense Dr Pepper core.

Dr Pepper Disaster

I DON’T EVEN KNOW. Sym liked them though.

Dr Pepper Disaster

T.G.I.D.I.Y.Day: Symphony Edition

On Wednesday Sym’s school had a talent show (I didn’t go; for the last half of the year they had all the concerts and events in the middle of the day. Um, SOME OF US HAVE JOBS??? Anyway) and one of the decorations they put up was a rainbow of balloons. Sym really wanted to recreate it at home but someone who lives here (I’m not saying who) has a phobia of balloons. Instead, she came up with this easy-to-make paper version.

Sym's Balloon Garland

All you need is paper, tape, string, scissors and a pencil.

Paper Balloon Garland

1. supplies; 2-5. stack up your paper, draw a balloon shape on the top sheet and cut it out, cutting through all the sheets so you have a bunch of identical shapes; 6-8. using double-sided tape OR loops of regular tape, attach the balloon shapes to your string, back to back.

Sym's Balloon Garland



1. Dougal; 2. blown glass ornaments at grandma’s house (a preview of the weekend); 3-13. pictures from the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle: blown glass sculptures, a bunch of gorgeous Pendleton fabric and some posters; 14. Claire in close-up; 15 & 16. balloons to decorate the school talent show; 17. Sym after the last day of school

21 Weeks; Not Feeling It At All

This morning I was rushed and stressed and frazzled and my hair was all gross and there was literally nothing I wanted to do less than put on makeup and smile pretty for the camera. I figured I would hold off until this afternoon and I’d have time to fix my hair and stop being so grumpy and then we could take my pregnancy pics.

IT DIDN’T WORK OUT THAT WAY. Oh, sure, I washed & blowdried my hair so I didn’t look like a bag of rags anymore, but as it turns out the end of a long day of frustrating work isn’t the best time for putting on makeup and smiling pretty for the camera. In fact, when I pulled out my makeup I just looked at it and was like WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT because I’m just gonna have to wash it all off in a couple hours anyway. Plus it’s raining now so we were stuck taking pictures inside; I believe I’ve complained about the terrible lighting in here before. As a result of all of this I look tired and awful in all the pics (because I FEEL tired and awful tbh, not from being pregnant but from work) but LUCKILY I thought to get one where my face was obscured. So I guess there’s a silver lining?


Next week I’ll be on vacation so I’ll have nothing to do on Thursday except psych & make myself up for picture day, but until then please enjoy this other image where I’ve secretly replaced my baby belly with a fat cat.


I also put on new DIY lash extensions today, you can see them if you view that pic at full size. BE WARNED: you can also see all my pores.

Omnivorous Me

Eating food while pregnant is kind of a drag. NOTHING is appealing to me right now, like I’m not grossed out by food, it just all seems so blahhhhhhhhhh. I hate cooking even more than normal because the idea of picking some food to make and then buying ingredients and preparing and cooking everything…. GET OUT OFF HERE.

All my food problems are totally being exacerbated by my semi-vegetarianism. I quit eating meat about a year ago and when I found out I was pregnant I was kind of worried I’d get like, INSATIABLE MEAT CRAVINGS. That hasn’t happened (mostly), so I’m still trying to not eat meat, bt ughughughugh, cooking a big meal with all vegetables and like, tofu or whatever is WAY more work than just grilling some chicken. Not that I want to do that either; raw meat is too gross for me to deal with.

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve only had cravings for a couple meat products. One time I REALLY REALLY wanted this pasta dish from one of my favourite restaurants with chorizo in it, and another time I REALLY REALLY wanted some baked salmon, which I made myself. They were both good, but I haven’t particularly wanted either of them since. In fact, there’s only one meat product I’ve been craving regularly.


MCCHICKENS. Omg seriously give me all the McChickens in the world, nothing is as delicious as McChickens and it works out well because I also always want McDonald’s fries. SO GROSS I KNOW but I can’t help myself. There is no vegetarian or homemade or anything substitute for a gross-ass McChicken & fries from McDonald’s.

McChicken & Fries

Kinda want one now, actually.

My 21 week pregnancy pics will be up later today or maybe tomorrow morning, I was way too busy/stressed/grumpy this morning to smile for the camera.

Playing Cards

Tiniest Bunting Ever

The next time I come up with a brilliant idea to make my own business cards, someone smack me, okay? I mean even if they are in lieu of actually making some non-custom banners like I’m supposed to do each month.

I needed some to send with a glitter banner that’s gonna be raffled off as part of a fund raiser for Nth Wave, but I was feeling too lazy to design them and get them printed professionally, and now I need to ship the banner TODAY and whoops, no cards. Soooo this afternoon I kinda half-assed something together and IDK I think they look alright. Not AMAZING, but I’m not a graphic designer so I just do what I can.

This would have all been fine except that my printer has decided it hates me and printed them out NOT at the size I made them, so all my calculations for cutting them went straight out the window. In order to get them approximately the same size (and shape, let’s be real here, they’re all trapezoids) I ended up having to cut millimeters off each side of each card. NOT FUN.


However, Im pretty pleased with the end result, I mean, they aren’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Feminist Killjoy Banner for Nth Wave

And hey, if you’re in Seattle and you’d like to lol at my attempts at making business cards in person, and even enter to win your very own fuchsia & black ♥FEMINIST♥KILLJOY♥ banner (which is MUCH BETTER than my business cards), then on the 12th you should go to this punk rock karaoke night!

Forty Lashes

I have super stubby eyelashes. It’s terrible, they are barely visible and the don’t really hold a curl so my only option for even looking like I have any has always been globs of mascara, but I feel weird wearing mascara without a full face of makeup and I think we all know how often I wear that: once a week on Thursdays when Taylor takes my pregnancy pictures. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE WEEK???

Well, thanks to my friend Sara I have an affordable solution: DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Basically you just put on those single flare false eyelashes using a particular technique that makes them look more natural, but it’s better if I let Sara explain it because she did up a great tutorial with pics, tips and cute illustrations.

I tried this out myself on the weekend and it was a moderate success. Here are some terrible quality pictures of my lashes before (on the top) and after (on the bottom), where I have ten individual lash flares on each eye.

Before & After Lashes

Sorry the images aren’t really the same size but you can still see the difference! My lash flares were all the same length so I trimmed the ones I put closest to the inner corners of my eyes, which was pain so I really recommend getting a set that comes with various lengths. I got the single-length ones because that was all the had at the drugstore by my house. They also only had one kind of lash glue and OH MY GOD IT SUCKED. Like I got the lashes on just fine but a couple hours later I was out with Taylor, walking down the street and the lashes started trickling down my face! NOT COOL. So a word to the wise: if you are Canadian DON’T get the Quo lashes & glue from Shopper’s Drug Mart because they are terrible. On Monday I went to a different drugstore and got the Ardell kind, which I have heard good things about, and I hope to find time to try them out this week!

What’s It Gonna Be?

I had a pregnancy check up yesterday and I got an appointment for my next ultrasound. It’s next Tuesday at 7:15am, which is terrible (I have to get up at 5:15 to start drinking water) BUT I’m still SO EXCITED!!! Only one more week until I get to see this little baby on the screen again, doing her or his little baby moves. At my appointment today she or he was moving around so much my doctor had trouble getting the heartbeat for very long, and when she pressed harder with the doppler the baby pressed back. Seriously, whenever I lie down flat the baby is like…

Of course all I really want to see is a happy, healthy little baby with all the proper parts, but I’ll also hopefully find out the sex. When I was pregnant with Sym I knew the entire time I was having a girl (I JUST KNEW) but this time I really have no idea. There could be anything in there!


What do you all think? Is Baby Laramie a girl or a boy? Leave a comment with your guess and your email address and just to make it a little fun, everyone who guesses correctly will get a coupon code for 25% orders from my etsy shop!

Flower Girl

Making Flower Crowns

Last weekend Sym and I trekked out (in the horrible rain) to Michael’s and picked up some supplies for making flower crowns! I didn’t bother doing a proper tutorial because there are plenty online already (here’s a good one at Tiny Tangerines, she actually did a much better/neater job than we did), but the basic technique is:
1. make a loop of wire the size of your head
2. tape flowers to it
The only supplies & equipment you need are scissors, some kinda wire, floral tape and of course a bunch of fake flowers! We used hydrangeas in pink, green, blue and purple, as well as some teeny filler flowers.

Making Flower Crowns
so glad my camera chose to focus on the piles of junk in the background

SIMPLE. Even Sym, who gets very easily frustrated and rage-quits when things don’t turn out perfect right away, did almost all the work on her crown herself. I personally don’t like flower crowns with widely spaced flowers so we crammed ours together, but please feel free to arrange your flowers however you’d like.

Sym in her Flower Crown

Second Breakfast

Croissant, Berries, Honey

Recently I’ve been neglecting the farmer’s market in favour of the grocery delivery service, because of it always being rainy and my never having cash. I was out of honey though, so I REALLY needed to go this weekend. I don’t know if you know this, but local honey tastes better than the stuff at the store, so much so that I don’t even care that it costs $15 a kilogram (really though, a kilogram of honey lasts a LONG time).

from blueberry-blossom fed bees!

It also goes perfectly with berries and croissants from the bakery! To drink I had lemonade (OF COURSE) with a splash of pomegranate soda for extra yum. This was my second breakfast since I already had toast with Nutella this morning.

Croissant, Berries, Honey

Who needs jam? Just smoosh fresh berries on a croissant slathered in honey! Seriously though I don’t have any jam.

Croissant, Berries, Honey