The Littlest Killjoy

Li'lest Feminist Killjoy

This might look like your every day, typical feminist killjoy banner, but REALLY, it’s a teeny-weeny baby-sized one with letters just over 1″ tall. I’ve only ever made one mini glitter banner before, they are very fiddly and tedious to do, but so cute! I made this one as a special order for my friend Shya, but plan to put up an etsy listing for them soon. In the meantime you can email me to order your own for only $9 + shipping.

Li'lest Feminist Killjoy + Georgie
Li'lest Feminist Killjoy + Georgie

I’ve included this pomeranian for scale.

Advertise on Unicorn Parade

Wow I’m super late with this post this month! tbh I’ve been feeling conflicted about having advertisers or sponsors or whatever, like I just don’t think I’m comfortable hustling to try and get paid sponsors for the blog. I’d rather focus on making my etsy my profitable internet venture (ps order now if you want any banners for Halloween because I’m already getting swamped) and keep the blog just for funsies.

So anyway, I’ve decided to take advertising on my blog in a different direction this month, and the direction is more like… free. THAT’S RIGHT FREE ADVERTISING WOW WHO WOULD PASS THAT UP??? Fools, that’s who.

mostly I just wanna be able to keep using this cute advertising dog pic :3

You can find all the new info here, although it’s basically the same info. Just for free. FREE YOU GUYS!

34 Weeks

Week 33
Week 33
Week 33


Baby Laramie at 33 Weeks 6 Days

Yesterday I had my third ultrasound, and it was no less exciting the see Baby Laramie than at my other two, although once babies get this big you don’t get such a good view or pics. I actually have another one of the face taken straight on, and it’s TERRIFYING. It looks like a Michael Jackson zombie.

Some recent pregnant things:
1. Baby Laramie is DEFINITELY a girl, yesterday’s scan double-confirmed it. She also weighs around five pounds, or 1/2 of a Georgie.
2. My formerly low-lying placenta has moved up and out of the way like a good placenta should, so I’m not worrying about placenta previa anymore.
3. I’m running out of room in my body for the baby + all my organs and bones. Slouching or leaning forward? HAHAHAHA forget it.
4. There have been some recent developments that indicate that I might be able to breastfeed after all, and I’m pretty thrilled about it. I mean, it’s not a for sure thing, but it’s like, an honour just to be nominated, you know?

Now that the room has been painted and carpets have been replaced, we can finally start getting the nursery together (starting with buying nursery furniture this weekend). Maybe once that’s done I’ll actually start to feel like the pregnancy is dragging like everyone keeps telling me I will. idk though; I still have so much stuff to do around the house, plus etsy work, plus Halloween is coming up, plus Sym’s birthday and then whoops it’ll be my due date. Six weeks isn’t really that much time!

Painting Progress

The leaking pipe has been fixed, the walls and baseboards have been repaired and replaced, and next week (hopefully) the new carpet is being installed, so this weekend is for painting!

Painting Progress

Usually I do the majority of painting around here (I’m just REALLY REALLY good at it and also a control freak), but this time it’s really been up to Taylor. Being pregnant has just robbed me of all my painting skills! This morning I taped around the baseboards and door/window frames, and it tired me out so much I needed to have a nap! If I’d had to tape around the ceiling as well I don’t even know what I would have done.

Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for Taylor) the previous tenant painted the ceiling in that room blue, which I haaaaaaaaaated (you can see a before here, please note that I inadvertently painted the walls the same shade of blue). Since we chose an off-white (Benjamin Moore Candle White) for the walls I figured we might as well use it on the ceiling I mean WHY NOT.

Anyway the whole room needs another coat but that can wait until tomorrow, and then hopefully next weekend we’ll be buying all the furniture, which is good because I’m like… 33 weeks now O____o WHERE IS THIS PREGNANCY GOING IN SUCH A HURRY???


I think I kind of overexerted myself this weekend- I felt great on Friday so I just like… threw caution to the wind and did whatever I wanted. On Saturday that was an all-day prenatal class I’d signed us up for (more for Taylor’s benefit than mine) and on Sunday it was running a bunch of necessary but exhausting errands. As a result of all this I was KILLED yesterday. In the morning I had my biweekly checkup with my doctor (everything looks good!) and Taylor took my out for brunch, and that was LITERALLY all I accomplished. I came home and crawled into bed until it was time to meet Sym after school!

As a result I’m way behind on housework and etsy orders, which kind of sucks. I mean, I’m not BEHIND behind on orders, but I wanted to have some finished I’m currently in the middle of, and I wanted to have some started I’m just getting to. This morning I finished and shipped a few things, and made this nice template so I can include a note with birthday gift banners.

Happy Birthday Note

Prior to this I’d enclosed hand-written notes but I always felt kind of weird writing something from a stranger to another stranger. Now I can just add some text to this and print it out!

32 Weeks Plus One Day

Week 32
Week 32
Week 32

I love this dress so much, and I get tons of compliments every time I wear it. It’s just a regular, non-maternity dress from Old Navy.

This week’s pictures are real pictures again, FINALLY! They are also a day late because I had to have what I’m calling surgery yesterday (I’m calling it that because a scalpel was involved so IT COUNTS, OKAY?). Baby Laramie is doing just fine, as I mentioned previously this was strictly a me problem, and I’m happy to say that as of this morning I feel 75% better. Not all the way there yet, but a HUGE improvement over my week of pain and weeping.

Because of all the pain and weeping, this week has pretty much been a wash. I got a few things accomplished but not nearly as much as I’d hoped, so I’m looking forward to getting my life back and getting some work done in the weeks ahead! Tomorrow Taylor and I are attending an all-day pre-natal class (it fit our family schedule better than the evening classes) and on Sunday I’m going to pick up supplies to get started on a new line of glitter banners that I’m really hoping will take off. We’re also planning a trip to Ikea in the next couple of weeks to buy baby furniture and soon we’ll be able to start painting the baby’s room (work started yesterday on repairing the damaged wall and will hopefully be finished next week).


In addition to our fancy new stroller, Taylor and I also ordered a couple Moby wraps. Originally we’d planned on getting a more complicated baby carrier with straps and snaps and clips and bells and whistles, but Mobies just seemed so much softer and cozier to me. I picked them up from the post office yesterday afternoon and OF COURSE as soon as Taylor woke up this was the first thing we did.


GO AHEAD AND LAUGH but 1) Kichou LOVES IT, and 2) it’s actually good practice for us to figure out how to properly wrap it. Kichou weighs about six and a half pounds, which is what Sym weighed when she was born (6lb7oz to be exact) (Sym, not the dog) so I think he’s a pretty good baby stand in. He certain ACTS like a baby.



Not Well

Hey internet, what’s up? I’m Not Well, with capital letters and everything. Baby Laramie is doing fine, and I seem to be kind of getting better, but I spent the majority of the last few days crying in pain and if the situation doesn’t resolve by Thursday morning I have to go see my doctor to talk about options. I don’t want this to be one of those blogs where every gross nitty-gritty detail of pregnancy is discussed and dissected, but let’s just say the word “thrombosed” is involved. And also the phrase “opened up and drained.” Sounds fun, right? Yeah. I’m basically ecstatic right now.

Instead, let’s make this one of those blogs where I focus just on positive things. Stuff like Sym, she started school last week with her awesome new haircut:

New Symmie

I can’t believe how grown up she is getting. Didn’t SHE used to be the baby? She’s in the sixth grade now (UNBELIEVABLE) and was put into the class with the teacher she wanted and her four best friends, so I think she’s going to have a good year!

I can also talk about baby stuff; the other week Taylor and I ordered a Mamas & Papas Urbo stroller for Baby Laramie.

I showed Taylor this video to convince him it was the stroller for us, men love EXTREME WELDING SPARKS.
It’s very fancy and ooh la la and was delivered yesterday and I. LOVE. IT. We also got the carry cot attachment, which reminds me of the big English pram my mom used for me and my siblings and I can’t wait to bundle my baby into it, all cozy with blankets. A big thank you to Taylor’s moms, since it was a gift from them.

Another thing to mention is the positive headway on that gross leaky pipe mess in the wall between the linen closet and the baby’s room. Last week the handyman took out all the water-damaged baseboards and drywall, and the plumber replaced the damaged valve. This week (possibly starting today) the drywall & baseboards will be replaced, and later this month the carpet in the bedroom, hallway and living room are going to be replaced! I was hoping they would put down laminate or something more wipe-cleanable, but for some reason they are dead set on more carpet, which is kind of a drag but OH WELL. At least it won’t be stained and repulsive anymore, and I’ll be able to start setting up the nursery soon!

So it’s not all bad, right? There are good things happening. Now everyone just keep their fingers cross that this blank blank in my blank goes away so I don’t have to get it surgized.

Rosie’s Meats

When I was in San Francisco I had the pleasure of finally meeting some of the women from my internet discussion group, including the super talented Kate. She runs the Full Frontal Fromage cheese blog, and recently launched an etsy shop, Rosie’s Meats, where she sells gorgeous throw pillows in the shape of- you guessed it- MEAT.

Rosie's Meats T-Bone Pillow

Way back when this was just a twinkle in her eye (inspired by the GENIUS steak costume she made for herself last year) I knew I’d absolutely have to have one, so I ended up buying one before my trip so I could pick it up from her in person. Originally I’d planned to put it in the baby’s room, but once I saw one in real life I decided to keep it out on the couch in the living room where everyone could see it. It combines some of my favourite things:
1) supporting my friends/small business
2) weird housewares
3) things that aren’t food but look like food

Georgie Approved

All of the Rosie’s Meats pillows are hand printed, sewn and stuffed in San Francisco. They are made from 100% cotton eco-friendly upholstery-weight twill fabric, with locally sourced materials used whenever possible. Right now the only available meat pillow is the t-bone steak, but she’ll have some bacons coming soon, as well as a set of mini-meat ornaments for the holidays.

31 Weeks

Photobooth again this week; Taylor had his wisdom teeth out today and is in no way capable of working a camera.

31 Weeks

So. Thirty-one weeks! Only nine weeks left. That seems like an impossibly short amount of time to get everything done before the baby arrives, especially considering the fact that although the leaking pipe in the wall between the baby’s room and the linen closet has been repaired (finally!), there are now large pieces of drywall and sections of baseboard missing, plus carpets that need to be replaced, plus I’m pregnant and tired and how am I supposed to do anything anyways?

I’m not in a very good pregnant mood today. Whenever people ask me how I’m doing (with that sympathetic head-tilt because they assume I feel like garbage) I reply “I feel great!” because most of the time I do feel great. I mean sure I have some problems I’m dealing with but nothing I can’t handle, except sometimes I don’t want to handle them. So yes, I am tired and out of breath a lot of the time and it makes it hard to do things. I can’t really bend over anymore which makes cleaning and putting on my shoes really difficult (the other day I was sitting on the bench by my front door and asked Taylor to pass me my shoes and he put them on the floor next to me. I was like “… what am I supposed to do with those???”). I get so exhausted by 9:30pm that it’s hard to stay awake, but if I go to bed that early I’ll wake up at 3am and not be able to fall back asleep for hours. And finally, trying hard not to be too TMI here, but I am having significant problems in the bathroom department, which is frustrating in and of itself but what is almost MORE frustrating is people trying to give me advice about how to deal with it. Yesterday a really well meaning person suggested I try massaging my stomach. Um. WHAT STOMACH???? All my internal organs have been replaced by a baby, the same baby that is causing all the problems in the first place and therefore does not deserve a massage (jk I love my baby even if she is being RUDE to me right now)!

Anyway. That’s all the pity party I have time for today, since I have laundry to fold, etsy orders to finish, dishes to wash, garbage to take out and a drugged-up husband to look after.