36 Weeks

36 Weeks

Summer is over for really-reals now, and it’s cold and grey outside so we took this week’s pictures in the baby’s room. It only took about five seconds before it turned into a DOG PARTY!!!

Dog Party
Sleepy Protector
36 Weeks
36 Weeks

Lazy Weekend/Busy Weekend

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Husband & Dogs

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to all of Canada out there! I never really do anything fancy for this holiday (like “celebrate” or “cook”) because Sym spends it with her dad every year and Taylor has to go to bed early, although I guess that’ll be changing once Baby Laramie is on the scene.

Since Sym has been away I’ve spent most of this weekend working on projects around the house: sorting things, cleaning things, putting things away, drilling holes in things. Here are some pictures of stuff I’ve been up to recently…


We didn’t take proper pictures last week because I was too busy (ie my roots are really grown out and terrible) but here’s a photobooth shot from Wednesday, when I was 34 weeks 6 days. I’m 35 weeks 4 days today, WOW THAT’S CLOSE. I should probably pack my hospital bag soon…

Some baby stuff:

Georgie & the Alphabet

My wonderful friend Angela sent me this AMAZING handmade alphabet blanket all the way from Chicago.

Baby Toys

Stuffies & rattles. I need a basket or something to keep these in!

Baby Clothes

Now that the nursery furniture is all set up, my big project this weekend (well, one of them) was washing & putting away all the baby’s clothes and blankets. I wish I had been doing this all along because doing it all at once SUCKED. It’s finished now though, with linens folded and put away and all the teeniest-tiniest clothes in the dresser. On the shelf are three bins of larger sizes of clothing: up to 6 months, 6 to 12 months, and 12 months +. I’m very impressed with myself for being so organized!

There are a few things I still need to get for the room- the aforementioned basket for toys, a small side table to put next to the chair (I want a round white one and I’m having the worst time finding one), a space heater since it can get cold in there, a wall- or floor lamp to put by the chair, and some of these Ikea Ribba picture ledges to use as bookshelves (pretty mad at myself that I had this idea three days AFTER I went to Ikea…).

On Saturday night I rescued a lost Fjallraven Kanken backpack from that park. It had been there for a few days and FULL DISCLOSURE I was gonna keep it for myself but it turned out to belong to a little boy whose mother had written her phone number inside. I called her yesterday morning to let her know I had it (her nanny had told her the kid left it at school so they didn’t even know it was lost!) and as a thank you she brought me cupcakes (better than a used backpack tbh)! I may have had one for breakfast this morning…

Reward Cupcakes

In really exciting (to me) news, I got eight new colours of glitter for making banners! Sym’s grandma found them at a store by her house and I can’t wait to start using them.

New Colours

Other than that I’ve been doing fun stuff like test-inflating Taylor’s air mattress to make sure it’s in good condition for when my mom comes to stay and buying new sheets for it, switching out the legs on the couch for wheels so it’s easier to move (for Dance Central, if I ever stop being pregnant and can play again!), reorganizing a few closets and slowly finishing putting stuff away that’s still cluttering the dining room from when the carpets were replaced. One day I will get this all done, I swear! I also made big crazy (tentative) plans to paint some furniture but WE’LL SEE.


Also please don’t forget to vote for my friend’s daughter Kyra in the Van’s Foods Bedhead contest! It’s running for four more days and you can vote every day! For more info on Kyra and her parents’ plan for the prize money should they win, check out my post from last week.

Bedhead for a Good Cause

If you are friends with me on facebook, or if you follow me on twitter or tumblr, then you might have noticed me posting a link to a “Breakfast Bedheads” contest being run by Vans Natural Foods.

The reason I’ve been sharing this contest so much is because I really really really want my friend Jessica & her daughter Kyra to win! Kyra has Autism and Seizure Disorder, and were they to win they’d use the prize money to get her a service/therapy dog.

All you have to do is “like” the Vans Natural Food page and vote for Kyra’s Bedhead picture. Voting is open until October 12th and you can vote every day (PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY).

Jessica is also running a Chipin to try to raise money for the dog, and has lots of information about Kyra and the issues a dog would help her with. You can find it here, and if you want you can even donate a little to help make the world a doggier place for this wonderful little girl.

The Early Bird

Early Breakfast
tiny waffles* and tea

Sometimes you just wake up in the middle of the night and find that you are done with sleep. Maybe you start thinking about The Secret of NIMH for some reason and positively, absolutely need to refresh your memory of its finer plot points and end up in a wikipedia spiral. Maybe you went to bed at a reasonable (okay, midnight-ish) time instead of staying up to eat and now you’re STARVING. Maybe you just realized that hey, it’s October third. It’s cold at night. You can’t just sleep with a light blanket anymore, it’s duvet season now.

Also, this.

All of that happened to me this morning when I found myself wide awake at 3:30. Seeing as how I went to bed at that midnight-ish time I’m guessing today is going to be pretty filled with napping, but that’s alright with me because guess what?

the book is there weighing down the curled-up rug, I knew those Song of Ice and Fire books had to have some use
Changing Table (+ Cat)
this is Claire’s new favourite room
sorry these pictures are crap, it’s a tiny room and there’s not a lot of light, especially at 5:30 in the morning

IT’S ALL DONE. Well I mean, obviously the decorating part isn’t done, and we still need to buy a few small things (side table, floor lamp, space heater because that room can be chilly & I don’t want a frozen baby), but all the furniture building I thought was going to take me weeks and weeks? With Sym’s help I got it finished in about four hours! I did need Taylor to move some things around at the end, but I still contend I can build Ikea furniture better than any man, and I’m passing on that legacy to my daughter.

Cozy Sym & Georgie
she also woke up early this morning (not as early as me though) and I didn’t have the heart to send her back to bed

So now I’m for really and truly real starting to feel more prepared for this baby to be born, and maybe now time will start dragging? idk though, tomorrow I’ll be 35 weeks and it feels like just yesterday I was 34 weeks. Heck, it feels like just yesterday I was making this post!

*I found these crammed in the back of the freezer and eating them gave me weird flashbacks to being pregnant with Sym, when I was super poor and basically lived on Eggos :/

Slowly but More Slowly

Did you know that when you are pregnant it takes you fifty billion years to do anything? It’s true (well, in my case, at least). Now that the apartment is all repaired and repainted and recarpetted and our new furniture has been delivered, I thought I’d just dive right in to putting things right around here. I thought it’d be super easy. TURNS OUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE. I can only do a little of this and a little of that before I need a serious break, and now my apartment looks like this:

More Mess
unopened boxes in the baby’s room
More Mess
emptied boxes in the living room
More Mess
things that were never put away after the carpets were replaced
More Mess
Ikea detritus

Taylor and I decided to moved Sym’s little dresser into the baby’s room and buy Sym a new, bigger dresser, so we’ve been working on that first. Last night we started building it and got as far as building the frame before we quit for the evening. This morning I attached it to the wall and built two of the six drawers, with long, healthy breaks* between each one. After I finish it I still have the baby’s crib, changing table and a chair to put together, and right now I feel like it’s going to take me until my due date to finish it. In my non-pregnant furniture-building heyday I could have gotten all this done in one day!

Some people have suggested I leave all this up to Taylor, and I have been getting him to help with some things (heavy lifting things, mostly) but I have my own reasons for wanting to do it myself:
1. he’s working crazy long hours right now and is almost more tired than I am, so I feel bad about pestering him to do more around the house than he’s already doing, because he has been doing a lot.
2. even though I’m working on other things during the day, knowing that all those boxes are sitting there not being opened drives me crazy!

Anyway. I’m going to keep plugging away at it and hopefully, somehow it’ll all get done before this baby arrives in the next five or six weeks O____o

*On my breaks I’ve been doing the dishes and the laundry and working on three of the eight banners I’m making this week, so they were more working breaks than lazing breaks.