These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking

Handmade Shoes

I made these little fringed leather shoes for Gwen this week. I’ve never made shoes or worked with leather before, so I’m really happy with how they turned out!

Handmade Shoes
Handmade Shoes

I googled around for instructions and patterns, but nothing I found was really what I was looking for so I ended up working up something of my own based off a few different ones. For leather I bought a bag of scraps from Michael’s, which was I think about $13 dollars, and the elastic was $3 for 3 yards. The needles and thread I already had- well, I did buy a proper needle for sewing leather but it sucked and I only made one stitch before it bent and became unusable. I had better luck with the second regular needle I used; the first snapped in half!

I don't know my own strength.

It took me three evenings to finish them, although a lot of time was spent working out the pattern and the original fringe I sewed on the vamps (the front/top part of the shoe) didn’t work out so I had to unstitch them and do new ones. Now that I have it figured out I think my next pair will go a lot more quickly- I still have plenty of leather from the bag of scraps, plus I ordered some beautiful gold leather from etsy that I’m really excited to work with!

Gold Leather

They are a little big still, but they fit enough that she can wear them now, today with stripey pants and her Professor Baby sweater.

Handmade Shoes
Professor baby sweater & the handmade shoes in action!

Baby Bear out for a Walk


This pic is from Sunday, when we were out running some errands. When we take Gwen out in the stroller I hardly ever let Taylor push it, becauseI want to have the best view of this angel baby!

Our stroller is the Mamas & Papas Urbo, which we’re currently using with the carrycot. Now that we’ve been using it for a couple of months I have to say I REALLY love it. I’m especially happy that we got the carrycot- it’s quite cold right now so I snuggle Gwen into her baby bear suit, swaddle her in a fleece blanket and tuck her into the cot, and she’s so cozy!

Sweet & Salty

This weekend I was inspired to make a new set of banners for Valentine’s Day, based on everyone’s favourite chalky candies: Conversation Hearts! For Valentine’s Day I like to make banners for people who love the holiday and people who hate it, so I made two different varieties of hearts: sweet and salty.

Pls appreciate my LAME staging hahaha. I hate taking pics for etsy!

Each banner has five hearts in different colours, with violet glitter letters for the mottos. The letters are the same size as those used for my mini banners and the hearts are 6″ tall. The full length of the banners is 65″, including 12″ on either side for hanging. All four banners are available for purchase in the shop, and #1, #2 and #4 are ready to ship today (the original #3 has already been sold so it would have to be made to order).

Also available are last year’s Valentine banners: True Love, Be Mine, Forever Alone, and Love Stinks.

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Tummy time is the worst, most boring thing in the world. Gwen wasn’t really into it, and I could only put her down on her front for a few minutes before she’d become irritable. UNTIL NOW.

Tummy Time

My friend Dena tweeted at me that she used to put her laptop on the floor for her little one to look at during tummy time to make it more fun, and while I don’t have a laptop I DO have an iPad (sort of? I mean technically it’s Taylor’s but he has an Android tablet he uses so I’ve inherited the iPad because who needs two tablets? NO ONE).


I actually bought a visual stimulation app for babies and she seems to really like it- she stared at it for a good long time, both during tummy time and non-tummy time. When she’s on her back she almost always lies on the left side of her head, and I was a little worried she might develop a flat spot. I’ve been trying and trying to get her to turn her head the other way when lying down but nothing has worked but this app. She’s just mesmerized by it!

Baby Hypnosis

Of course, the thing babies like looking at the most is their own baby face, so I also put the iPad’s camera on and let her gaze at her own beauty for a while. Obviously a mirror would also be suitable for this, but you can’t take video with a mirror.


Gwen's bedtime ritual: bath-bottle-bed

Now that Gwen is two months old (which I still can’t believe) I’ve started a bedtime routine with her. It’s simple- she has a bath (her favourite), a bottle and then to bed.

Baby faces 22

She seriously loves the bath!

Sometimes she might need one last diaper change or bottle or a quick snuggle before she settles down, but she’ll sleep through the night as long as I time it properly. Usually I start the routine at around 11:30 or 12 and she’ll sleep until 7:30 or 8, which is amazing.

Last night was a little different- she had her first set of vaccinations and that + the Tylenol I’d given her made for one sleepy baby! She fell asleep quite early (I wanna say 10?) so I skipped the whole routine and let her sleep in my bed with me in case she woke up fussy in the middle of the night (she didn’t).

I'm the luckiest girl in the world

Since she was at the doctor yesterday, I have her latest measurements, and my giant baby just keeps getting bigger! She’s now 25.5″ long and weighs 13.5lbs, no wonder she’s growing out of her 0-3 month clothes!

Baby Face

Baby face!

I was going to make a baby faces collage today but this picture was too perfect not to share full-size.

Recent Work

Glitter pup!

A banner of four unique dog faces, done in diamond, bronze, pink and black glitter, with highlights in florentine gold. I just finished this last night/will be shipping it today, and I hope the customer is going to be happy with it.

Mini banner for Gwen's changing table.

This red “Gwendolyn” mini-banner isn’t glittery. I know; it makes no sense! But glittery banners just didn’t seem right for the nursery. I’m also planning on making another non-glittery banner for Gwen’s room with some cute woodland shapes.

Custom extra large silver glitter "DREAM" banner on white satin ribbon.

People often want banners with larger letters, but they don’t often want to pay more for them so I rarely make anything bigger than my regular 3.5″ letters. This silver “dream” banner has 6″ letters, I think the biggest I’ve ever made.

Not pictured: a second monkey. @inapplicable

“Evelyn” in gold with orange sherbet, lemon, fuchsia, ruby and black monkeys art either end for my internet friend Gilly‘s adorable baby.


These skulls were a Christmas gift for my friend Jenn.

Lina Keith Bannner

I made this banner quite a while ago but couldn’t post it until after the holidays as it was for a gift. I really like the colour combination- the letters are lilac to sterling ombre and the owls are mint.

Tiny Library

Gwen's Bookshelf (Angle)

Gwen’s bedroom is the smallest room in the house, and it’s a weird shape with an awkwardly placed door & window and a closet that takes up an entire wall. Setting it up has been challenging and ongoing, and today I finally got around to putting up the bookshelves.

Tiny Reading Nook

Obviously she’s not going to get much use out of a reading nook anytime soon but I like to be prepared. Also it’s so cute!

Gwen's Bookshelf

The shelves are simple $10 Ribba picture ledges from Ikea. I got the 55cm length and they basically fit perfectly between the door frame and the corner (which isn’t where I was planning on putting them so it’s very serendipitous). books: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I used the top shelf for its intended purpose and put some pictures on it.

On the Top Shelf

In the large frames: the tree picture is a placeholder I printed out myself to tide me over until I can buy an actual print (I would have already but the artist isn’t selling them in her shop yet, cry cry), the red & white dots are a scrap of wrapping paper that might be from Ikea or possibly the dollar store, and the bird picture is a postcard I’ve had forever.

In the small frames: a “G” (for Gwen of course) I painted on a piece of brown cardstock, a photograph of the baby herself, and a scrap of Ikea Vandring Igelkott fabric with a little hedgehog on it.

The little fox is from Woodland Tale.

Bear Chair

I saw this bear chair at the drugstore in December and became OBSESSED with it, but I couldn’t justify the purchase. Happily it went on clearance after Christmas and I snapped it up for only $15.

Happy Face

She’s already a fan!

Gwen in the Bear Chair
Polka Dots & Tiny Toes

Kitty onesie &polka-dot leggings from H&M.