Sunday Afternoon


Little floor sleeper.

Mama & Bear

In the backyard.

This afternoon Taylor and I took Gwen out to run a few errands- I needed some craft supplies & picture frames, and Gwen recently grew out of 90% of her pajamas. Taylor and I also picked up a some clothes for ourselves, and we had lunch at Cafe Crepe, where they gave us a private room because the main dining area was so busy there was nowhere for our stroller.


On Saturday I made a new pair of shoes for Gwen, in this AMAZING gold leather. I’m seriously considering making more to sell, although with all my banner orders I could probably only do one pair of shoes a week. It would be a good excuse to buy more leather though; the seller I bought the gold from has some in black & white polka dot that’s calling my name…

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What Gwen Wore

Sunday, February 3rd

Green & white.

Graphic tee & footie pants from H&M

Monday, February 4th

Cat pants & kerchief

Striped kerchief, tank onesie and cat-print pants from H&M; socks from Old Navy

Baby giraffe

Baby giraffe suit, a gift from my sister.

Thursday, February 7th

It's a pajamas kind of day.

Striped footie pajamas, H&M

Friday, February 8th

Polka dots

Polka dot onesie, Old Navy; polka dot leggings & alpaca booties, H&M.

The Grumps

Remember on my birthday when I was feeling the cold touch of death’s bony hand on my soul? WEll what I didn’t realize is that was actually part of my semi-annual case of The Grumps. A couple of times a year I just get into a huge funk about everything and everyone and I hate it all and bleagh. It usually happens in October as well (which is why I’m almost never prepared for Halloween or Sym’s birthday).

One thing that I find helps is to channel my grumpiness into creativity. I’m usually able to pull myself out of a funk by making something new, and this time it was mini gradient banners. Making them saying crabby things was also helpful!

What Is The Point
Thanks For Nothing

In addition to the “Go Away” I posted yesterday, last night I made a “What Is The Point” and a “Thanks For Nothing” and they really did the trick! I’m actually almost inspired to make some with positive messages now.

All three banners are for sale in the shop; the original “Go Away” and “What Is The Point” have sold but can be made to order, and “Thanks For Nothing” is ready to ship.

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Three Months

Last night I was walking along the street that runs behind the hospital where Gwen was born (it’s only half a block from my house). The maternity ward is on that side; all the LDR (labour/delivery/recovery) rooms have windows that overlook that street. Often the curtains are drawn but sometimes they are open and you can see the eerie purple-blue glow of a phototherapy light for a new baby with jaundice, a nurse or support person sitting in the chair by the window, or families celebrating and taking pictures. It seems impossible that it’s been three months already since I was there. The time has gone so quickly and Gwen has changed so much. I know I say this every month but it’s just so amazing to me.

Pretty in pink

At three months old Gwen is basically grown out of all her 0-3 month clothes. I still put her in some of the pajamas but the arms and legs are getting way too short and the other week I had to go buy her all new socks since her feet finally grew and she only had two pairs that fit: bright orange and leopard print.

BREAKING NEWS: this baby has blue eyes now.

After surprising me by having grey eyes, she’s surprised me again because they’ve turned blue! I wonder if they’ll stay blue, like her father’s, or turn green like mine and Symphony’s.

Sneaky little thumbsucker.

Gwen loves her soothers, but even more than those she loves her thumbs. It’s a constant battle to try and stop her from sucking her thumb and on more than one occasion I’ve resorted to wrapping her hand in a blanket.

When she wants to sleep she pulls Elke over her face.

She’s started to become interested in toys now. She’s fascinated when I shake her wooden bead rattle for her and she’ll hold onto a single bead of it if I put it in her chair with her. She’s also developed a real affinity for this soft deer toy I’ve named Elke (or Ellen, depending on how my phone’s autocorrect is feeling) that she likes to pull over her face when she is ready to sleep.

She looks really upset here but actually she's just practicing different facial expressions and seeing how I react to them.

She enjoys interacting with us and having us pay attention to her. Her latest thing is testing out new facial expressions and seeing how we’ll react to them. She’ll follow a huge smile with a pouty lip and then back to the smile. She also has a real, actual laugh now!

All tuckered out

She is such a sweet and cheerful baby. I am so happy and lucky to be spending my days with her, cuddling her and playing with her and sitting quietly while she falls asleep in my arms.

And finally, at three months Gwen welcomes a new baby cousin. Congratulations to Taylor’s sister Jaime and her husband Shaun on the birth of their new son Evan. We can’t wait to meet him!

Go Away (Not Literally)

Go Away

I had some leftover supplies from my conversation heart banners so this afternoon I whipped up a mini “GO AWAY” banner. I’ve been toying around in my brain with the idea of doing the letters in a gradient like this for a while. I like how it turned out, but I think it would work better if the banner was a single word.

Go Away, Cat

Cats don’t follow direction. SO RUDE, CAT. IT SAYS “GO AWAY!”

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Gwennie Gwen

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A Quiet Birthday

So after all my whining yesterday about my birthday it actually ended up being really nice. Low-key, but nice.

"From Symmie/kiddo"Card & cake from @calloohcallay
Happy birthday to meeeeeee
Linguine for dinnerWhen she wants to sleep she pulls Elke over her face.

homemade card from Sym; card & cupcake (from Cupcakes) from Jenn; cake (from Transylvanian Traditions) from Taylor; Sym at dinner; Gwen napping in her chair with Elke

Taylor wanted to take us out for dinner, but it was cold and raining, I was tired and basically the last thing I wanted to do was put on actual clothes and drag all the baby’s things to some restaurant. Jenn stopped by for cake (and so she could cuddle Gwen) and then after she left we got takeout and I spent the evening reading with Sym and hanging out with Taylor & Gwen while I worked on etsy orders.

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Birthday Blues


Well it’s my birthday today, and idk how I feel about OKAY LIES I do know how I feel: MEH.

Usually I’m pretty jazzed about my birthday, even though I don’t really do much. I don’t care about presents and I don’t mind if I have to make my own cake, I just like spending time with my family and maybe having a nice dinner.

This year though… I keep thinking “wth, I’m thirty-six???” and it sounds weird. Like, where did my life go? My twenties were a blur and it seems my thirties are going to same way. My life is more than a third over and it is making me depressed.

I'm Hella Old

OH WELL. Let’s get over it, shall we? I have a bunch of work to do today and a sweet baby angel who needs my attention, so no time to mope this afternoon (later tonight I might mope in the tub with some wine and The Secret Circle though, I mean it IS my birthday).

Pretty in pink

In celebration I was planning on running a one-day sale on my etsy shop but I slept in this morning and forgot, so instead I’m doing a TWO-DAY sale how exciting. Get 20% off your order with the code BIRTHDAY

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Stars & Stripes Forever

Can't take anything seriously :P
She looks inappropriately American today. #stars #stripes #possiblyforever

Now that Gwen is mostly grown out of her first bunch of clothes she has a lot more cute outfits to wear instead of just pajamas 24/7 (which is what I wear… although yesterday I tried on my pre-pregnancy high-waisted skinny jeans and they FIT. I almost fainted tbh). She got this cute skirt/tights/onesie from her Grandma way back when I was still pregnant, Taylor picked up the shoes and I bought the drool kerchief the other weekend. She also has this really cool whale sweater that goes with this, but she didn’t wear it because we didn’t actually leave the house, oops.

As expected I spent most of the weekend catching up on etsy orders after falling behind last week. I actually got quite a few done, and came up with some ideas while I was working, for new banners and some fun baby shoes for Gwen that I’m looking forward to making next weekend!

I also did a bunch of rearranging of my internets- I used to have two separate facebook pages, one for this blog and one for the shop. I decided it was time to consolidate them, and merged the blog page into the shop one (it had more likes! haha). If you had my blog page liked before please like my NEW page instead.

Another thing I’ve been working on is making my etsy shop better; I’ve changed the categories and added new listings for popular items to make them easier to find within the shop. I’ve also started using the “variations” feature on some listings, so if someone wants the traditional “Feminist Killjoy” banner instead of messaging me and waiting for me to put up a listing, they can just go ahead and select their colours and place their order! I’m planning on doing this for other listings as well, like the little heart & star garlands.

Baby's First Etsy Treasury

I’ve generally trying to be more involved in the etsy community. I’ve even started making treasuries, something I never bothered with before! It’s actually really fun, and while searching for things to include I’ve discovered a bunch of great new items & shops. You can see mine here, and if you make treasuries or have favourites leave me a comment with a link, I’d love to see them!

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Working For the Weekend


When you aren’t working at a regular job, sometimes the days start to blend together. Sometimes I can’t tell a Sunday from a Wednesday, and that’s weird. To help me keep track of the passage of time I made a new rule for myself: I’ll only work on etsy orders on weekdays, and on weekends I’ll work on my OWN projects, like non-custom banners (which usually end up on etsy anyway) and Gwen’s shoes (which is great, because yesterday I bought another bag of leather scraps to make more! MY COBBLING CAN’T BE TAMED).


Of course pretty much as soon as I decided this everything went off the rails and this week I got almost no work done on etsy orders. Tuesday I was sick, Wednesday I subbed at my neighbor’s childcare (more on this below) and yesterday I had to go out to a suburban mall to do some clothes shopping for Sym and Gwen and YES FINE MYSELF but I was literally going to die if I didn’t get this shirt.

Perfect Plaid

… and even though it was only a 15 minute bus ride over the bridge, going out like that with the baby is a huge production and it ate up most of the day. So between my Monday trip to the post office and my Thursday one I made two mini banners. TWO. MINI BANNERS. That is just sad. Today I planned to make up for it but doing a full-day, hardcore banner making session, but Taylor reminded me I had another dentist appointment (which I just got back from) so I haven’t actually started yet. OOPS. I guess I’ll be working on etsy orders on the weekend after all.

So. That thing about subbing at my neighbor’s daycare. Not to be dramatic but it felt like 100 years in hell and the worst day of my life, and it really really drove home how much I DON’T want to go back to working full-time at my real job in the fall. When Sym was a baby I was lucky enough to be a SAHM for three years and I actually really regret going back to work- at the time I thought it was what I wanted but guess what? WORKING SUCKS. Unfortunately, it’s just not an option for me this time (unless we somehow become independently wealthy before September), and while I know that I’m lucky that a) I live in Canada where we get a year’s paid time off (I’m actually going back to work early to accommodate the return of some of my all-time favourite clients), and b) I work from home so I’ll still be with my little bb, it’s just not going to be the same as spending time with her one-on-one.

She fell asleep in my arms :')

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