Working Hard at Hardly Working

After my spectacular flame-out (or I guess “floods of tears & depression-out”) of going back to work full time at my actual job I started to feel pretty guilty. Perfect, right? I felt guilty about going back to work when Gwen was so little, but when it ended I felt guilty about being a financial burden to Taylor. So like… thanks a lot, emotions.

Anyway I think that is part of the reason why I’ve been working so hard on my etsy. I know I’ll never be able to make enough money from it to quit working my real job forever, but I do alright and it actually helps a lot. I feel really lucky to have a successful side hustle and I appreciate every person who buys a banner from me.

Over the past week I’ve added lots of new banners to the shop: some ready to ship mini “Feminist Killljoys,” new colourways for the “Go Away and “What is the Point” mini banners and a whole bunch of pastel/neon ombre “Whatever” mini banners. I also put my Halloween banners back up again, and soon I’ll been putting up Christmas banners (it’s never too soon!).


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