June 3rd

started, but did not finish cleaning my patio
dinner dates
favourite book

If you live pretty much anywhere in North America this should sound familiar to you. I knew the song but I didn’t know what kind of bird it was, but I can hear one outside right now so finally did some googling to figure it out. Song Sparrow, duh! Their song reminds me of being in my teens/twenties when I would stay up all night. When the song sparrows started singing in the morning was when I’d realize “oh crap, now I’ll never get to sleep.” While I definitely don’t miss those nights there is a certain nostalgia to them. Song sparrows also make me think of being in the country. Waking up early, a field of wildflowers, tall trees, coffee on the deck in the morning sunshine. I can picture it so clearly but I feel like this isn’t even a real memory. Just sort of an amalgam of growing up on Vancouver Island and various cabin-based vacations I’ve gone on as an adult.


To do list for this week:

1. fix all the holes left in the walls after moving furniture*
2. take apart the old entertainment stand and re-use the drawers in the dining room bench**
3. paint the mirror & bulletin board frames for Sym’s room***
4. paint the old dresser top that I saved to make into a headboard, and figure out how to put it up ****

* Also holes left from shelves falling off the walls THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN
** Formerly the dining room faux-denza, pls see above re: shelves falling off the walls THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN
*** When Sym decided she wanted a vanity area in this room she chose this Ikea Ung Drill mirror for it. It’s still in the packaging but last Friday morning I was taking out some garbage and I found an identical mirror propped up against the power pole outside the back gate. The mirror is cracked but the frame is in perfect condition.

June 2nd

that grump face!
she was really into sharing my smoothie, so I wanted to get some toddler cups with a straw so I could make her smoothies at home. when Sym was little I had these these ones but for some reason NO STORE around here carries them anymore???? All I could find were ~fancy~ ones with flippy lids and weighted straws that aren’t good for smoothies AND cost more than I wanted to spend. I ended up having to order them online, so annoying.
Taylor picked out this top for her!

I did so much this past weekend, it felt more like a long weekend than any of my actual recent long weekends have.

On Friday night Jenn came over for tacos & to watch Lifetime’s Petals on the Wind. We’d watched Flowers in the Attic together, and while that one was pretty bad, Petals was LITERAL GARBAGE. It was so bad, like it wasn’t even funny-bad, like Twilight. I guess it’s a pretty difficult book to adapt; it starts when the narrator is still a teen and by the end I think she’s in her early 30s? A lot happens! So some stuff was cut, or condensed, or simplified, which was fine, but still. Overall it was TERRIBLE.

Saturday was the first West End Farmer’s Market of the year. Taylor was excited because his favourite food truck was there, but other than that it was pretty slim pickings- I mostly like to buy produce there and right now it seems like the farm vendors just have radishes, kohlrabi and potted herbs. We did get some strawberries, flowers, delicious-looking buckwheat honey and pastries. Last year when we’d go to the market Gwen would be in her stroller, but this time she walked with us. It was kind of hard; she really doesn’t like crowds or strangers or people she doesn’t know talking to her. She’s just not a friendly baby! I ended up taking her home early while Taylor got his food, so it’s very fortunate the market is in front of our house. Hopefully as the summer goes on she’ll get more used to going out to the market with us.

In the afternoon I went to a clothing swap hosted by my friend Ally. I found a couple things for the girls and myself, but more importantly I got rid of an entire suitcase full of stuff I didn’t wear anymore (or in some cases, ever). It was strangely gratifying to see other people scooping up the clothes I’d brought. After the swap I headed to the nail salon to get my acrylics filled. It had been over a month and they were looking seriously gross. The technician actually scolded me, haha.

Sunday I was exhausted and just wanted to sit around forever and do nothing, but instead we went out to run some errands. We got things we needed (summer clothes, shipping supplies) and things we didn’t (a bunch of mini-size kitchenwares that I was physically unable to resist). By the time we got home it was well past lunchtime so Gwen had a quick meal and went straight to bed for her nap. Taylor also had to go to sleep since he works on Sunday nights, so I spent the afternoon weeding my terrible garden and then trying to recover from all the walking around I’d been doing. I get exhausted very easily nowadays and have muscle weakness in my legs (also arms, although I don’t walk on those) from my Graves, so usually I only like to do a lot of walking when I know I can do nothing the whole next day.

Speaking of Graves and also walking (because the dr’s office is across town, ugh more walking), I had my quarterly endocrinology appointment today. I was the first appointment of the day but somehow the doctor was still almost an hour late to see me? His assistant said he was in a meeting but why would you schedule a meeting for the same time as appointments??? Seems mental to me. Anyway blah blah blah my hormone levels are all normal. He’s actually pretty optimistic that at the end of this year I’ll be able to go off the meds and have my levels stay normal so everyone keep your fingers crossed because that would be a dream.

Quick goals update…

Quitting pop is still proving really hard. I definitely slipped a few times in May, because I was tired (coke), because I was carsick (ginger ale), because I was away and what you do on vacations doesn’t count, right? Anyway I’ve been doing better recently, and I’m going to keep trying.

Wearing sunscreen has been a TOTAL BUST omg I hate it. Every time I end up getting it in my eyes AND Gwen’s eyes and then we are both weepy and mad all day. A lot of the time when I’m going out with the kids it’s for really short periods of time and it seems dumb to slop on the ‘screen when I’m only going to be in the sun for 15 minutes. Anyway as a result of this slackery I almost burned my shoulders on Saturday, oops. Must do better at this! And also teach Gwen to NOT rub her arms & hands on her eyes after I’ve sunscreened her.