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I haven’t mentioned Gwen’s delayed speech/her progress recently. She is still on the recall list with the speech pathologists, which means they call us every few months to ask if we want to bring her in. I haven’t taken her in since our initial appointment at the beginning of the year, as her speech and vocabulary have continued to improve. She now says the names of the pets, certain colours and letters, and many more household objects and toys. She says mama and dada all the time, and for some reason she calls Sym “Dee.” My most recent fave was the other day when I was watching the X-Files while I worked on banners and every time someone was abducted by aliens she cry out “oh no, oh nooooooo!” Totally the appropriate response imo.


May long weekend when we were in Kelowna we were supposed to have a barbecue on Sunday night with homemade sliders, but because we left early (due to Gwen’s refusal to sleep) we missed it. This was super disappointing, so my new thing this summer is making sliders on Friday nights. Now, I’ve kind of quit eating meat I have to prepare myself because it grosses me out to the point where I can’t eat it*, so I’ve been making veggie sliders. It’s super easy, I just buy the Yves veggie burgers**, cut each patty into thirds (in wedges, like a pie) and sort of smoosh each wedge back into a round patty shape. You can also use a round cookie or biscuit cutter with a 2.5″ diameter to make circles, but you will only get two and then you’ll have to REALLY squish the scraps together to get the third patty.



Gwen loves ’em.

The first week I just made simple cheeseburgers with mozzarella, but last week I got more creative and topped the sliders with caramelized onions and smoked gouda. I asked Taylor what he thought I should do this week and he suggested something spicy, but then he was like “get a cheese with jalapeños in it and put chipotle sauce on the pattie sand top them with pickled banana peppers!” and I’m kinda like CALM DOWN GUY, THE KIDS HAVE TO EAT THESE TOO. Sym won’t eat anything spicy and idk how much spicy stuff Gwen should/could be eating, so I think I should just stick to ONE spicy element at a time.

* Except for bacon, cooking bacon doesn’t gross me out… YET
** I didn’t eat these for a couple years bc soy is a goitrogen, ie not rad for your thyroid, but now that my Graves’ is in remission I’m adding it back into my diet. Not kale though. Never kale.



In other news, last weekend Taylor and I spent a whole day putting up assorted shelves around the house. The shelves that used to hold Gwen’s books until she and her lil friend pulled them right out of the wall like baby hulks are now in my office. I already had three longer shelves on one wall so I put these on the other wall at the same heights so there would be a cohesive look, and with the new space I’ve been having lots of fun rearranging my pictures and putting up new art, including pieces from The Disaster Life, Sara M Lyons and Sebastien Millon. I also hung up this new lil gradient banner I made for myself last week, you can get one for yourself here.











sleepy queen on the couch, the only naps she’ll have at home these days





Georgie is like… “it’s too hot”



Gwen’s little friend has been sick for almost a week with various ailments so we’ve been flying solo for a while. On the one had it’s kind of nice to have lazy days off but on the other hand Gwen gets bored with just her boring old mom to play with. I am a stickler for following the rules around here (I did make them) so I’m never really up for climbing on the counters or unspooling a whole roll of toilet paper or throwing food on the floor. BORING. I’ve been trying to alleviate the dullness by taking her on lots of outings to parks and playgrounds, but I also have a lot of work I need to do at home (both actual housework AND work on banners) so I can’t really be out wandering the streets for hours every day. The result is we end up watching WAY too much Yo Gabba Gabba just so I can get some work done, so I really hope her friend is better soon!

painting with kids


A few months ago I read a post on another blog about teaching kids about abstract art. I’m not going to link to it because I’m not that bitchy, but it was just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. The project was filled with rules and structure and admonishments to help your child not mix the paint together too much lest they make that “ugly brown colour” and the piece would no longer be suitable for display. The child wasn’t even allowed to put the paint on themselves, they had to pick a few colours which the parent then dripped onto the paper in limited quantities. What a way to teach a child about art, about creativity, about using their imagination to express themselves! It just seemed really… control freak-y, and less about a child creating and more about the mom having a piece of art (with no ugly brown) to display in her home. My technique for painting with kids is:

-get a kid
-give them paint

literally having so much fun

Like WHO CARES if they make a mess, if they scrub the paper so hard it gets holes, if they mix all the colours together and yes, end up with brown paint. Maybe they LIKE doing it that way, and if they aren’t happy with the result then they will learn to not do it that way next time. The other week Gwen and her little friend did some painting together, I just let them do what they wanted and what was most interesting was that at 2 1/2 they each had completely different techniques. Gwen globbed on loads of paint in bright colours, all over her paper. Her friend stuck to a few pastel colours, dabbing on small amounts and focussing the bulk of his brushwork to one section of the paper, with a few dots and lines on the rest of the page. They were each expressing themselves they way they chose to, and I think that the end results were so much better than some forced, weird, rules-based “abstract” art.


high summer





this is literally the deepest she’s ever gone in the water


whenever we go to the beach I like to pick some shells or stones or seaglass to bring home, and this weekend I was all about finding the teeniest-tiniest ones I could





I know I KNOW it’s not even summer yet, it’s still spring, but around here you take your summer when you can get it. There’s no telling if July and August will be super rainy so if our summer is early June then so be it. After a few grey-ish days early last week the weekend was AMAZING. Taylor is back to work on Fridays now so when I ended up with a surprise day off I took Gwen to Second Beach, just the two of us. It was kind of spontaneous and neither of use were dressed for the beach, so on Saturday we actually got all our stuff together before heading down to English Bay. It was just… a perfect day. It was sunny and bright with a breeze off the water that stopped it from being too hot, and the beach wasn’t too crowded while we were there (although it was starting to get packed as we were leaving). Some police horses came walking along through the surf and everyone ran down to pet them. A family was blowing giant bubbles for the kids to chase around, including this one which almost got me:

Gwen had so much fun, last year she didn’t even like to walk on the sand and this year she has no problem running down the beach and into the water. She splashed around in her little flamingo suit, dug in the sand with her shovels and ate a ton of beach snacks, before passing out, sweaty and sandy and sunscreeny, in the stroller home. Here’s to many more beach days this summer (and spring)!










Gwen doesn’t take an afternoon nap anymore. When I tell people they always shriek “WHAT??? SHE’S ONLY TWO!!!” but it’s what is happening and we are all powerless to stop it. Last week (on Wednesday and Thursday) I gave it one final attempt and tried to put her down for a nap. She didn’t sleep either day, but she did dismantle her whole room, throw books everywhere, take off a poopy diaper, tap dance in it and then climb all her furniture with poopy feet. So basically… NEVER AGAIN. Instead she falls asleep in her stroller when we are out running errands, or she falls asleep on the couch curled up next to us. The latter is so sweet and takes me back to when she was a tiny baby, I don’t even miss her taking a proper nap (except for when I have a lot of work that needs to get done, then I definitely miss it).

rabbit rabbit cat

Thank goodness it’s June! May was just the worst. Not to be outdone but the rest of the month, the last weekend was the biggest trash weekend ever. Remember how last week on Tuesday I was sick with the flu? So it would be reasonable to assume that I wouldn’t get sick again that week but nope. NOPE. On Friday night I developed a horrible cold-slash-sinus infection and was in agony all weekend long. WOW GREAT SUPER FUN. I got more sick more times in that one week than I did all winter long. I’m finally starting to feel better I SERIOUSLY BETTER NOT GET SICK AGAIN BECAUSE O M G

Some actual good things that happened on the weekend…

In case you don’t follow me on instagram (and if not why not like come on…) I got a cat! His name is Mark Fluffalo and he’s black and fluffy and hopefully soon he will stop hiding and be friends with us all.

SML + UP Whatever Forever full
On Friday I shipped the first bunch of Sara M Lyons + Unicorn Parade banners! I have a few more to make & ship this week and then I thiiiiiiiink we are going to restock the currently sold out “Whatever Forever” banners, so if you missed them the first time around be on the lookout!

ALSO Sara sent me a pair of her new enamel pins, Sad Ghost and Happy Ghost. They are also currently sold out available for pre-order but you can get your hands on her Witch Hat and 2 Sides of the Same Board pins right now.

On Saturday night Taylor and I watched “What We Do In the Shadows” and I literally cannot recommend this movie enough. WATCH IT. RIGHT NOW. Also, Halt and Catch Fire is back! Does anyone else watch it? It’s so good.

I put up my June calendar page, I’ve been so busy I didn’t think I’d get it done but being sick all weekend gave me a lot of inside time.
You can download the full size here.

Hmm this was kind of a bonus “five things” post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯