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A few weeks ago I discovered that Gwen had totally outgrown her carseat; we hadn’t used it since December and I was thinking she might be at the height/weight limit for rear-facing, which she was, but as it turned out the dumb seat had the same height/weight limit for forward facing! We hadn’t bothered to look at that when we bought it because we didn’t plan on using it for long. Finding a new one was such a huge hassle, we only use a car MAYBE once a month so we didn’t want to spend a billion dollars on it, but finding an affordable seat with a higher weight limit for forward facing was
harder than you’d think! A lot of the lower-priced ones have a weight limit of 40 or 50 pounds and Gwen already weighs like 42. She’s actually the size of a kindergartener and at three and a half is rapidly outgrowing all her size four clothes.

We’d been looking at a seats that convert from forward facing with a harness to a booster and not having much luck, but after discussing it with a manager at Babies ‘R’ Us she suggested it might be more cost effective to get a new rear-to-forward facing seat with a higher weight limit and then buy a separate booster when she is older. In the end I was able to find a 3-in-1 rear-to-forward-to-booster seat on sale that I think will be good. Gwen is already obsessed with it, wants to sit in while she watches tv and likes to give it hugs and pats and kisses, haha. We’re hoping to test it out in an actual car this weekend; I asked Gwen if she wanted to go on a “trip” in a car tomorrow and she is so excited, she keeps looking at the window and demanding “TRIP NOW. CAR NOW. GO NOW.”

Anyway, on to the faves…

five faves april 29 2016

I love weird wikipedia lists, my fave this week was this one of apple cultivars.

This dainty little opal ring would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift if anyone was looking for one for someone like maybe for example me. In a size 6.

You can get one of my all-time fave books and it’s two sequels for Kindle for less than $2!

This maternity jumpsuit is amazingly terrible and I think I might need it.

I clumsily tore a huge hole in my beloved by admittedly pretty ancient duvet cover last week so I ordered this pretty floral one to replace it. I REALLY want to get my bedroom finished and looking nice this year- in August I will have been in this apartment TEN YEARS and the bedroom is still unfinished.



On Friday morning I went out with Gwen and the daycare baby to go buy some window screens. Every year I mean to do this and every year I forget-slash-put it off until high summer when they’ve sold out and then I’m screwed. Last year I tried making my own, which was semi-successful but a huge pain and I never finished them. I was actually supposed to have ALL the windows screened before I adopted Mark Fluffalo but like… that didn’t happen. It wasn’t an issue last year because as you may recall he spent his life under the bed, but now he is very sociable and friendly (haha not really) and enjoys sitting on windowsills, and I don’t want him getting out. I’ve also been having trouble with animals coming IN my open windows; sometimes raccoons and squirrels, who tend to run away quickly, but most annoying is other people’s pet cats. They will come right into the apartment, they get Georgie all riled up, I’m worried about Mark fighting with them, and they aren’t always the most friendly with kids so I’m also concerned about Gwen getting scratched.

I’m trying to get the landlord to pay for some of the screens. There are 14 windows in my apartment that open; seven are single-hung windows (the kind that slide up) and the other seven are casement windows (the hinged kind that open outwards). The former are easy, you can get extendable screens from hardware stores (or amazon) that you can attach to the outside of the window frame or just set under the raised sash so the window’s own weight holds the screen in place. Casements are a different matter; screen installation is on the inside of the window and have a little opening in them to reach through to access the window lock/handle. Casement screens are custom-made, and last year when I was calling around to different companies they quoted $50 per window MINIMUM, so AT LEAST $350 if not more. For screens that would be custom fitted to this apartment’s windows, so if we were to ever move (not likely but u never know) I would have to leave them behind. Anyway I know when one of my neighbors was having trouble with raccoons coming into her apartment last summer the landlord offered HER screens so why not me?

So back to the screens I bought on Friday. I immediately put two in the windows at the end of the living room where Taylor and I have our shared office space and it was SO NICE. I’ve only been able to keep those windows open a tiny crack since Mark decided to no longer be an underbed cat, and being able to throw up the sash and get fresh air was amazing. Not long after we got home it started raining and the sound & smell of rain on my terrible garden was somehow soothing and refreshing at the same time. Mark also enjoyed it, at least I think he did. He spent a good long while on the sill peering out through the screens with his eyes bugged halfway out of his head, before becoming overwhelmed and retiring to the dark bedroom.

ALSO I discovered a few months ago that the garden store downtown has closed (in a shocking Vancouver twist some developers are tearing down the building that housed it to make way for some overpriced condos). I like to buy a couple of plants in the spring for my garden and home which I then kill almost immediately, so while I was getting the screens I also picked up a new little tropical desk friend. Place your bets on his longevity now.

same old different old






During my trimester of illness I really got out of the habit of blogging. Partly because I felt too sick and partly because since I hadn’t done my big ~reveal~ yet I couldn’t blog about being pregnant, and in being pregnant (and feeling sick because of said pregnancy) was basically my entire life… so what was there to blog about?

Another reason I wasn’t blogging much is because my poor old mid-2011 computer was really feeling her age. There was one week there in February or March (it all blurs together) where it was just SO SLOW and couldn’t handle doing anything. I couldn’t use my photo app to download pictures from my camera while Chrome was running, and FORGET photoshop. It took twenty minutes to open, five minutes to run a simple action, five minutes to save and another twenty minutes to close! And while it was very slowly doing these things I would have to walk away and do something else because I couldn’t even scroll down a webpage without pinwheeling. I have about zero dollars in my new computer or even new hard drive fund, so I worried the old girl was on her last legs. Luckily after about a week it mostly recovered and stopped acting so decrepit. EXCEPT for with photoshop, that still took FOREVER to do anything. Anyway my friend Sara posted on her facebook about having similar photoshop problems with her macbook, and one of her other friends suggested she upgrade her RAM. I was like OF COURSE, I need to do that too! So earlier this week I added 8 more GB to the paltry FOUR this computer has been running for the last five years and WOW. It’s like a whole new computer practically! It started up way faster and of course the first thing I did was open photoshop to time how long it would take, and it was less than a minute which LET ME TELL YOU was better than the TWENTY minutes it used to take. Now I feel like I should photoshop things all the time, haha.

It’s been a pretty great couple of weeks for Symphony; on Monday she got the palate expander from her braces taken out so she can talk and eat like a regular person again, she got her second term report card and she had made enough of an improvement in math that she’s being recommended for pre-calculus next year, which she needs to take if she is going to get into the grade eleven math class she needs to get into university, and she can finally hear again! Last year she mentioned to her dad that she was having trouble hearing out of her left ear, so he took her to the doctor who said she seemed to have a blockage in her ear canal. I took her to have her hearing tested and they agreed there was a problem, and when they asked how long she had been having trouble she said it had been since she went to Mexico, which was FIVE YEARS AGO. And she never said anything to us! Because it when she was a little kid she had to see a pediatric otolaryngologist so it took a few months to get an appointment, but when she finally saw one they fixed her ear that day! Her dad took her and she was given the option of two months of a foul nasal spray which might not help, or they could poke a lil hole in her eardrum and they could suck out all the blockage. She chose the latter and apparently the amount of crud that came out was UNBELIEVABLE and also super gross. The result though was that her hearing was IMMEDIATELY restored, to the degree that for two days she was accusing everyone around her of yelling. She has a follow-up appointment next month to check if her ear tube has remained clear but so far it seems fine. Here’s to hearing!

short pants

01 blossoms

02 gwen at the waterfront

03 north shore & clouds

04 deskie

05 white hearts

06 baby stack

07 waiting at the window

Gwen is talking more and more all the time, and it’s very funny to me (and probably only me but what can you do, it’s my blog) the way she will put words together to describe things she doesn’t know the name of. Like it’s spring so I got out some of her shorts from last year that still fit, and bought her a couple new pairs. One of them is actually a skirt with built-in shorts, but she calls them all the same thing: “short pants.” OBVIOUSLY they are short pants, that’s where the name shorts even comes from, but now she feels she needs to put a modifier on non-short pants so she calls them “big pants.”

Today I am fifteen weeks pregnant and yesterday I had my second appointment with my new OB-GYN and I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! I always love that sound, and I didn’t get to hear it at my last appointment because they* literally wouldn’t hold still long enough. Even yesterday it took the doctor several tries to listen for long enough to measure the heart because this baby has things to do and those things are CONSTANT FLIPS. I don’t feel any baby movement myself but anytime anyone tries to listen to or look at them it’s time to party, apparently.

My nausea levels have continued to decrease. Last Friday night/Saturday morning I actually forgot to take my medication, but I felt fine all day Saturday so I decided to try going without. I was okay until Sunday, when I started to feel ill again. I’m going to try quitting them again this week; I don’t want to try during the week because of work but I have been able to get a lot more stuff done during the day, like dishes and laundry and even on one triumphant occasion, taking out the food scraps to the smelly bin in the smelly garbage room without getting sick.

I think I’m starting to nest already, because I am more obsessed than ever with painting my apartment. Some rooms need repainting; some have never been painted at all. I need to wait until the summer to do most of the bigger jobs like repainting Sym’s room for Gwen & baby to move into, and finally painting my bedroom after being in this apartment for TEN YEARS. I will definitely require Taylor’s help for these projects as my bump will be very bumpy by then. There are a couple of things I can start before my bump gets too big, like repainting the BRIGHT ORANGE half bath and BRIGHT YELLOW hallway, and finishing painting the full bath (thankfully pale grey). I could probably even paint the whole kitchen since open plan apartment = the only walls in that room are between the top of the counter and the bottom of the cupboard (realistically a tiled backsplash would be better but I rent so NOPE). This is a good idea; I should start filling all the holes in all the rooms I can paint. And buy tape! Filling holes and taping is like 90% of painting anyway.

*I’ve been using the singular “they” as the baby’s pronoun but yesterday I started using male pronouns which is WEIRD. I never did it will either of my previous pregnancies so maybe my body is trying to tell me something?

five faves


First of all, thanks so much to everyone for the comments and well-wishes about my pregnancy! I appreciate all the love and likes 🙂 I am now 14 weeks and 1 day so SMELL YA LATER FIRST TRIMESTER. I’m going to start trying to stop taking the anti-nausea medication next weekend to see if I can get by without it now since it makes me super sleepy, and I need all my energy because I’m officially back to work full-time! I started on Monday and this is the first week I’ve worked five days since last summer and it has been hard & exhausting, but hopefully it will get easier soon.

The combination of being back at work full-time plus the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately has made me extra excited for this weekend. Unfortunately Taylor has a big project at work and will be working a lot of it, but we do have plans to go out on Saturday night to see Noel Fielding (the tickets were my birthday gift). I also need to go buy some supplies to get back into making banners but other than that my main goal for this weekend is to spend as much time outside as I can!

My faves this week…

I saw these Brooks City Chariot Sneakers on instagram like a month and a half ago and have been scouring the internet for them ever since. I finally found them at Saks Fifth Avenue on Monday night, ordered them Tuesday morning and they are out for delivery right now were just delivered!

Last weekend I got Gwen this H&M jumpsuit patterned with bunnies and kitties (her faves!) doing sports and it is just SO CUTE and easy for her to wear.

Sym loves all things Sailor Moon so she is super jealous that she can’t visit the Chibiusa Cafe in Tokyo.

The twitter account Tiny Star Fields is a recent discovery that I am loving. Just a cute lil bunch of stars every now and then to break up my twitter feed is nice sometimes.

I have been looking for a company that will custom print my designs on a fabric that I can use to make soft little swaddle blankets for Baby Laramie, I just got a book of sample swatches from Design Your Fabric and I think I’ve found a winner their 100% cotton gauze.

Happy weekend everyone!

one two three four five people are in my family

Sooooooo if you follow me on instagram you miiiiiiiiiiiight have seen a particular post from me on Friday. If you missed it, SURPRISE!


I’m pregnant with baby number 3, Due October 7th! Pretty funny coming after my baby blue post in early January about how we weren’t having any more babies, ever. Now, I wasn’t pregnant when I wrote that… but I was about a week later. Oops! This was definitely, obviously not something that we planned, but I guess life just works like that sometimes.

pregnant me

Since we weren’t trying to conceive Taylor and I discussed this pregnancy a lot to come to a decision together about what we would do. I am very pro-choice and in case you missed it one of the eight billion times I mentioned it I had an abortion in 2007 and if that was the right choice for us now I would not have hesitated to have another. Obviously that isn’t what we decided- although when I told Sym I was pregnant I said we hadn’t decided what we were going to do, and her reply was “well, if it was ME I would 100% abortion because we don’t have any more bedrooms in this apartment.” Bless her logical heart.

Sym has been really sweet in general, especially since the aforementioned lack of spare bedrooms means that this summer she is going to have to trade her bedroom (the biggest in the house, very Regina George of her) for Gwen’s bedroom (the smallest in the house, too small for Gwen and a baby to share). Gwen has also been prettyyyyyy good about a baby sibling in her future. She likes to pat and kiss my belly “all better,” although she will also say “baby go home” and point out the window. She’s just so used to kids coming her to play and then leaving, so she doesn’t completely understand yet that this baby is going to stay. She’s really good about sharing so I think she will be okay.

With over a decade between my girls, my pregnancy with Gwen was more like a first pregnancy, especially in that I didn’t show for a LONG time. I was able to easily hide my bump completely until close to my third trimester. This time has been very different and I’ve had to start getting maternity clothes already. Actually tbh I’m not sure if that has less to do with my bump and more to do with the fact that every single pair of jeans I owned were high-waisted skinny jeans, but I’m definitely regretting having gotten rid of almost all of my maternity clothes. LUCKILY even though I sorted everything out in January we never did get around to getting rid of any of Gwen’s old baby stuff so we’re pretty well set in that department.

I’m super thrilled that I’m nearing the end of the first trimester because my morning sickness this time around has been the pits. I actually have a swell kind of reverse-morning sickness where I feel just fine when I wake up but then start to feel sicker and dizzier as the day wears on until I have to go to bed and not move again. This is usually by about 4pm and thankfully I was only working two days a week in February and was off work the whole month of March so I COULD take to my bed whenever I needed to. I ended up getting a prescription for some anti-nausea medication from my new ob-gyn mid-March, but it’s like, SUPER tailored to women who have MORNING morning sickness in that it has a delayed release and takes SIX HOURS to kick in. You’re supposed to take it before you go to bed but I have to take it in the mid-morning which is a bit of a hassle because it makes me very sleepy AND I often lose track of time and forget to take it until lunchtime.

Even with the meds I am still very susceptible to gross things. If it looks gross or smells gross or could be gross in any way I have to stay far, far away from it lest I start to hurl. This has made it REALLY hard to keep on top of housework because old food scraps in the sink or nasty leftovers in the fridge or stray hairs on the sink and I am running for the bathroom. Or the trash can. Or the sink. Taylor and Sym have really had to step up to the plate with cleaning the house and cooking meals and washing the dishes and taking out the trash as I am incapable of any of it. They have both been the best, especially since I’m back to work today and can’t just let the whole house descend into squalor. I am so appreciative of everything they have been doing to help me out.

Anyway. That’s my life update, as well as the explanation for my lack of blogging, lack of shop updates, and repeated tweets about how I’ve “taken to my bed.”

tanie & gwen

PS I know Friday was April Fool’s Day but please rest assured I would never to a tired gag like a fake pregnancy bit. The joke was that it wasn’t a joke.