family dinner

Monday: Pasta Primavera. We wanted something light so I tossed some campanelle pasta with sautéed asparagus, yellow peppers, and grape tomatoes with a little parmesan, olive oil and lemon juice

Tuesday: Honey Mango Balsamic Glazed Salmon with Lime-Ginger Carrot Salad (salad only). The only flaw with this meal was I didn’t buy a large enough pice of salmon, because everyone wanted more. I used a mango balsamic vinegar and substituted the Dijon for some mango orange juice. I also used lime olive oil for the salad.

Wednesday: Carnitas Extravaganza. My sister was over for dinner so I guess I could use that as an excuse for making an absurd amount of food, buuuuuuuut…. that’s not really the case. We had carnitas, rice, skillet corn, pico de gallo, and scorched peppers & onions.

Friday: Sliders with Potato Salad. Idk why I keep trying to foist my potato salad off on my family because ALL the kids hate it but HONESTLY their loss! It’s just potatoes, sour cream, bacon and chives (so like… a baked potato). I also made a salad? slaw of red cabbage, radish, and carrot a lemon-ginger-garlic dressing (similar to the one from Tuesday, I was just out of limes).

little star

I can’t help it if I make a scene
Stepping out of my hot pink limousine
I’m turning heads and I’m stopping traffic
When I pose, they scream
And when I joke, they laugh

I’ve got a pair of eyes that they’re getting lost in
They’re hypnotized by my way of walking
I’ve got them dazzled like a stage magician
When I point, they look
And when I talk, they listen

Well, everybody needs a friend
And I’ve got you, and you, and you
So many I can’t even name them!
Can you blame me? I’m too famous!

Haven’t you noticed that I’m a star?
I’m coming into view as the world is turning
Haven’t you noticed I’ve made it this far?
Now everyone can see me burning
Now everyone can see me burning
Now everyone can see me burning

I picked Georgie up from the groomer’s this afternoon with her new haircut and walking home you have NEVER seen such a big fuss made over a small dog. I think next time I’ll go a lil less round on her face, and of course the hair on her body/back is shorter than I’d like but overall I’m so happy and I think she looks so cute. And she still looks like herself, which is what I was most worried about. She’s still Georgie, just with a new summer aesthetic.

song lyrics from “Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)” from Steven Universe, which is basically Georgie’s theme song.

a minute

As in, it’s been one. May was such a trash fire of a month, it seemed to drag on FOR EV ER (seriously, why was it so long????) with more and more shitty things happening. After the stroller was stolen we all got sick and missed work, two of my current clients gave notice, and then near the end of the month Georgie was viciously attacked by a big dog in the park; she’s fine now but she definitely could have been more seriously injured, and as it is I had to spend over $1200 in vet bills after a huge section of the skin on her back where she was bitten went necrotic and had to be cut away and Frankensteined back together. She honestly could have died and I myself am so traumatized I had to go to the doctor for anxiety medication.

Now that we’re in June (DEEP June) I’m over dwelling on all these negatives (which might just be the meds talking but OH WELL).

School is almost over for the summer and I have two whole months of no drop-offs and pick-ups to worry about, and in addition to my single and double strollers my neighbor leant me a triple she had in her storage room (a gesture I very much appreciate but at the same time WHERE WERE YOU IN SEPTEMBER). Once school starts up again Gwen will be in the first grade and I’ll be dropping her off and picking her up outside the building- no more dragging three toddlers up and down endless flights of stairs every day!

I already had a meeting with a potential new client to fill the space left by the people who are leaving that went really well.

I’ve been doing some cleaning and sorting around my & Sym’s room and found some treasures, like the rest of my collection of Lvnea perfumes, some Fool’s gold and a grow-your-own cat grass kit, which I’m sure Mark Fluffalo will appreciate.

Georgie’s back was shaved by the vet and she looks a mess so this week I have an appointment for her to get her first haircut at the groomers in her whole life (ten years!) so watch this space for an all-new Georgie coming soon. I definitely prefer the look of a fully-fluffed Pomeranian but again, I’m trying to be positive about it.

Gwen lost her first tooth and has a second loose one.

The little kids have become OB SESSED with My Neighbor Totoro and watch it twice a day (no shame in my mommy game), and it’s honestly such a sweet and gentle way to begin and end our days.

I’m hoping the rest of this month will continue to be calm, cute & drama-free <3