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Taylor and I first met in the fall of 2006, either just before or just after I ended things with Symphony’s father. I was going for coffee with my then-bff, and at the last minute she said “Oh btw, I invited my friend Taylor to join us!” I was enraged because at that time I had pretty bad social anxiety and hated meeting new people, even if they were cute boys.

A couple of months later, the same friend called me and asked if she could give Taylor my number- we were both single and she thougt we should start dating. By then I didn’t even really remember what he looked like but I was also pretty convinced that I’d never again have sex with a human male, so I figured what the heck. She passed my number along to him, and he left me an adorably rambly voicemail message.

Our first date was just coffee, but I was unbelieveably nervous. The last time I’d been on a first date had been seven years earlier, and I couldn’t remember how to flirt. I arived at the cafe first and sat anxiously shredding napkins as I waited for my semi-blind dat eto arrive. I was expecting a normal person, but what I got was a moustache.


in a burst of cleansing synchronicity, we both took self-portraits the day of our first date
Now, as far as super awkward first dates go, it was super awkward. It had snowed that week so we were both bundled into unattractive winterwear, and my napkin shredding never stopped. Taylor was hungry and wanted to go get some dinner, but I had to be home by eight-thirty. In spite of the awkwardness, he invited me out for a second date, a proper one.

By the evening of our second date, the snow had melted, so I decided to dress up and wore a dress and high heels. Unfortunately, the snow HADN’T melted on the east side, where we were meeting for dinner, and I had to walk for blocks on icy sidewalks, clinging to Taylor’s arm to try and avoid falling down. By the end of the night my shoes were ruined- I had to throw them away, but it was worth it. He was so cute and sweet at dinner, and afterwards we went to his aprtment where I met Kichou for the first time. He wasn’t happy about it and kept trying to squeeze between Taylor and I when we kissed, also for the first ttime.


the fuzz of the enemy
Two days later I told him I couldn’t make out with him anymore with that thing on his face, and he shaved the moustache right away. That was when I knew he was something special.

After that texted and emailed pretty much constantly. It wasn’t easy for us to find time to spend together- Taylor was working nights even back then, although he worked a four on/four off schedule, so his days off didn’t always coincide with my regular weekends. Also, at that time Sym was only staying over at her dad’s on Saturday nights, so although he’d spend time with her on Tuesday and Thursday evenings I always had to be home by a certain time. Imagine trying to date someone new with your curfew being set by your ex-fiance! NOT FUN.

Three weeks after we started seeing each other he went away for Christmas. The day he left was the day I decided that if I was going to be happy and have a good life, I had to let go of all the anger and baggage I was carrying around from my previous relationship. I’ve posted about it before, but I was down ont he Seawall with Dougal when I made the decison and I felt the weight of all those negative emotions lifting off me, and that was when I texted Taylor to tell him I wanted him to be my boyfriend, that I didn’t want to see any other people.


reunited at a kitchen party on NYE
A couple of weeks later he came back to the city and since then we’ve been together, and I’ve been so happy and felt so lucky. I’m sure there were challenges and struggles in 2007 and 2008, but when I think back what I remember is being happy. We spent as much time together as we could, became a family, had adventures.



In October of 2008 we had a conversation that would change everything. That year was the first time Sym wouldn’t be spending Christmas with me, so instead of staying in my sad apartment I’d decided we should go away for Christmas. I’d been to Hawaii once before, in 1999, and I’d always wanted to go back with someone I really liked, so I booked flights, found a condo, everything. While I was booking there were the usual Expedia impulse purchase add-ons you could buy, like helicopter tours and luaus, and that was where I saw it: an add-on wedding package. Well I thought this was a GREAT idea, so one evening while on a vandal’s high (long story) I suggested (not for the first time) that we get married on vacation. I believe my exact words were “Come on! Let’s just do it! it’ll be fun! I’ll pay!” That romantic proposal sparked something in Taylor and he said yes.

We decided to keep it a secret from most our friends and family, and we were giddy with excitement as we counted down the days until our vacation, and our beach wedding on December 23rd, 2008. We woke up bright and early the morning of our flight, eager to get out of cold, snowy Vancouver, only to discover that it was cancelled. CANCELLED. What followed was several hours of desperate scrambling to try and find a way there, all of which turned out to be fruitless and ended with me sitting on the floor of the food court at the international departures terminal at Vancouver Airport, crying so hard I had snot pouring down my face.

Our Dreams Deferred

leaving the airport, devastated

So. Our vacation was cancelled, Christmas was ruined, and our secret wedding was off. We came home and I spent a morose afternoon cancelling and attempted to get refunded for everything (which we eventually did) and then napping. Now, one of the things I had to cancel was our wedding, and when I called the wedding coordinator she said she’d keep all our information, our vows, everything for us, and whenever we could come and get married. That night I woke up late and went outside. The sky was clear and filled with stars, and as I looked up I saw a plane flying by. Suddenly, I was filled with resolve- I wasn’t going to let this setback spoil my plans- I’d make NEW plans. I came back inside and booked new flights for a new trip, one that wouldn’t be cancelled.


In March of 2009 we finally got our trip to Hawaii and on the 21st we were married on Paipu Beach in Wailea, and it was perfect.

Wedding of the Century

Our wedding trip was so amazing, in hindsight it almost seems our original trip being cancelled was for the best! Because we had to postpone I was able to get my dream dress, we saved a ton of money on flights, we stayed in a beautiful resort on our wedding night, and had the best time. We were only there for three and a half days, but they were some of the happiest of my life.

The Facebook Pic

how we broke the news of our nuptials to everyone back home- our profile pics on facebook, haha
Since we’ve gotten married, everything has been wonderful. We’re as happy together as ever, we’ve had so many more adventures and become a stronger family, and we’ll continue to do so in the future. I still think I’m the luckiest girl in the world: I got to marry my best friend, the kindest, most wonderful man I’ve ever met and we are so happy together every day.

Wedding of the Century

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  1. My heart just grew three sizes and I’m crying real tears. This is the most adorable love story ever. I demand a made-for-tv movie. Lol.

  2. Hey I remember you talking about your wedding planning on SS- you had a really cool officiant right? Would it be possible to get her name/contact info? My mom is getting remarried and I wanna pass her info along. Thanks!

  3. I just read this whole story again and totally remember doing a double take with your facebook pictures when you got married! ^_^

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