The Best Review

I’ve been pretty exhausted and crappy feeling this week so I don’t have a list of awesome or terrible things to share, so I’m just going to post about one thing: the best person in the world, my husband Taylor.

Anniversary Flowers

It was our 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday, although we didn’t do anything fancy to celebrate. I had given him his (top-secret) gift early (I’m bad at keeping secrets) and he brought me home flowers. He apologized that they weren’t my favourite kind, but you know what? They are. My favourite kind of flowers are the flowers he gave me (also tulips and hydrangeas, but that’s beside the point).

Wedding of the Century

I could write up a huge post about all the kind things he does and how sweet and handsome and funny and handsome and tall and smart and handsome he is, but if you want to read that stuff you can just check out the Tanie + Taylor page. As for me, I’m just happy he’s mine šŸ™‚

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