Cute Fruit

Tiny things are cute, everyone knows that. Puppies, kittens, babies (after they’re finished looking like Winston Churchill). I’m as much of a sucker for tiny cuteness as anyone, and one tiny cute thing I’m obsessed with is tiny food. Wee burgers! Not just cupcakes but their tiny cousin, mini cupcakes! Little sandwiches cut out with cookie cutters! But something that’s even better than tiny food you make is tiny food that’s already tiny. Imagine my delight when I found all these little items this week:

Tiny Mandarin Oranges

Tiny Foods
Mandarin oranges are already smaller and cuter than regular oranges, but these mini honey mandarins are about 1/3 the size of regular mandarins. Normally I buy these loose so I can search out the wee-est ones (I’ve gotten them the size of grapes before), but I couldn’t resist the mini-version of the classic cardboard box these came in. I just wish they’d also been wrapped in tiny green papers!

Tiny Watermelon

Tiny Foods
This one is about the size of a large grapefruit, although usually they’re similar in size to cantaloupes or honeydew melons. I actually buy these all the time, regular watermelons are too heavy for me to carry home from the store with my bony girl arms. The most amazing one I ever found was a mini yellow watermelon, which also worked with my obsession for unusually coloured foods.

Tiny Pineapple

Tiny Foods
I almost had a fit when I saw these apple-sized pineapples in the store. My daughter invented a word for things that are enormously tiny- tinormous. We call this a tinormous tineapple. It cost almost as much as a full-sized one, but we never use a whole pineapple up before it gets all brown and gross, and wasting food is bad and something I’m trying to cut back on. Or so I’ve rationalized.

Tiny Oreo Cakesters

Tiny Foods
Okay, these aren’t a fruit, but they are too cute and delicious to pass up. In fact, I bought originals first but they were all eaten before they could be photographed, and when I went to buy more they were sold out except for one box of goldens. They’re part of the Thinsations line, and each box has five 100 calorie three-packs of toonie-sized cakesters (for non-Canadians, a toonie is just over an inch across).

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