five faves

I basically stopped existing reading this article because it’s SO. REAL.

The perils of HGTV.

Finally a Kickstarter that is relevant to my interests.

I want this, someone in the UK get me this.

I’m a lil apprehensive about Isle of Dogs because well… Wes Anderson often kills dogs in his movies (Buckley!!), and this movie is almost all dogs… idk, y’all. Decide for yourselves.

five faves

Full disclosure I only read the first sentence of my Zodiacal “Mom Type” (Aquarius) but what more do you need to hear?

I showed a friend who was looking for one this black denim jacket and now I’m like… maybe I need a black denim jacket?

Three good reads.

I need a new desk chair (I’ve been using one of our dining room chairs which is not ideal) and I’m trying to decide if I should get the regular version or the armchair version of Gwen’s tiny desk chair. What do you think?

A little bit of exciting news: I’ll be vending this Sunday at the West End Arts Market from 11-6 at Jim Deva Plaza! I’ve never done anything like this before (previously I’ve only sold online) but I’m pretty excited about it!

I’ll be selling my handmade raw crystal point tiaras as well as some suede & leather and machine embroidered patches I have. It’s a little last minute though, so hopefully I’ll be able to get everything for my display ready in time. If you are local I hope to see you there!

five faves

This is Real Art and I refuse to hear otherwise.

Reading this feels like a punch in the gut.

I know I’ve posted this dress before but it was out of stock for a long time and now that’s it’s available again I’m more obsessed than ever.

I’d love this (in blue!) to add to our collection of cast iron.

This is a great project (and almost fully funded!).

five faves

It’s taken most of the week but we are finally settled back into our apartment! Well, mostly settled back in. I figured having to pack everything up was the perfect excuse to put things back DARE I SAY mindfully? So rather than just dumping all our stuff and knick-knacks and what-have-yous out all willy-nilly I’m slowly going through it all, and making everyone else slowly go through their stuff as well. So while the large pieces of furniture are all back in place we do still have a few boxes, bins and baskets to sort out. Hopefully I can get it all finished up this weekend… and then it’ll be time to sort out our storage room. The spring cleaning this year is INTENSE.

I made yogurt this week! Our slow cooker has a yogurt setting and we had some organic milk that was about to expire, so rather than let it go to waste I figured I’d try my hand at yogurt making. This post helped me troubleshoot some problems and in the end it turned out out perfect (and delicious!).

Fairly confident I will be buying Nicky these shortalls.

Gwen is very into taking care of her baby dolls right now, and this cute toy highchair will be just right for them- plus it’s on sale right now!

The mysterious Jeff Goldblum food truck.

How adorable is this set of bamboo toddler dishes? I really like the blue & green bear but they are also available in pink & purple cat.

five faves

Happy Friday! This weekend we are taking Gwen to her first ever birthday party for a friend of hers (she was so shy when she was younger + her delayed speech meant she had trouble making friends DON’T @ ME ABOUT IT OR I’LL CRY) and I’m planning on rearranging & decluttering a bunch of kitchen cupboards (thrilling stuff I know).

This had me in tears. TEARS.

I need to find a local baby spa.

Thinking about a white bedspread for spring/summer.

Gonna try making Dutch Babies in the cast iron this weekend (if you have any tips please let me know in the comments!

A crowdfunding project I can really get behind.

five days & five faves

All my babies at 5-ish months old in 2002-2013-2017

It’s been a busy, bonkers week you guys. I actually only had to work on two days (Wednesday & Thursday) but my family (and the time change, ugh) has had me all over the place!

On Monday I took the little kids out to Chapters on West Broadway so I could pick up a new basket to store the dress up clothes in. Gwen got some new Peppa Pig books and Nicky got a teether shaped like a old school Nintendo controller, which was too expensive but also too cute to resist. That night Gwen developed a fever, which was not very fun but thankfully the next day she was fine.

On Tuesday Sym and her grandma dropped off a new desk for Gwen they’d picked up for me at Ikea. Gwen helped me to build it (like, she really helped, not “helped” the way little kids often do) and we put it right next to my desk in the office. It has a top that opens up and a nice big compartment inside, so now she has her own space to store all her drawing supplies and papers so they aren’t piled on MY desk anymore. I’m planning on putting a magnet board or magnet strips and maybe a small shelf on the wall above for her to display some of her fine arts.

On Wednesday I continued my quest to get this place decluttered and donated four huge bags of clothing to charity. That evening Nicky cut his first tooth and it was all very exciting, but later that night he developed a fever (I know some people believe teething causes fevers but I think he just had whatever Gwen had on Monday night).

On Thursday I was up until 3am with a poor sick baby, until Taylor came home from the office to relive me. Thankfully I was able to sleep in a little that morning because I was super tired and super crabby. Nicky still had a mild fever for most of the day, although it never reached the “seek medical attention” threshold (something I have a lot of anxiety about after his bout of meningitis last fall).

On Friday (today) I slept in until 10am, which was amazing, but when I got up Gwen informed me she had put beads in her nose. I sent her to get dressed to go to the hospital while I brushed my teeth, and I heard her sneeze and the sound of a bead pinging away across the room. My relief was short lived when she informed me there were still two more beads in the other nostril. After waiting for 2 1/2 hours in the emergency room and performing something called the “kiss technique” (where you blow into your kid’s mouth to try and blast any obstructions out of their nose) all I got was a faceful of snot because there weren’t any more beads up there! I’m not mad at her, obviously, but I definitely would have rather not spent the whole morning there!

A quick five faves for this week…

This is the basket I got for the dress up clothes, they are only available in store but they are on super sale if you can get to a Chapters!

Nicky’s Nintendo teether is available here.

This article on grey clothing is CLEARLY relevant to my interests.

Nicky has outgrown his basinet (HOW????) so while he was sick we used this folding portable mini crib in the living room. If you have a baby and a small space I super recommend it. It has a very small footprint, folds flat when not in use and can be easily rolled from room to room.

Since Nicky was tiny we’ve used the FeedBaby app to track his diapers & bottles, as well as growth and vaccinations. This week we also used it to keep track of his temperature and medicine. The apps syncs between our phones, which is great for us since Taylor and I live & work on opposite schedules and are also very often very tired and confused about the passage of time, haha. It’s available for Apple and Android.

Have a great weekend everyone!

five faves

Happy Friday! It is my birthday weekend and Taylor has something??? planned??? that he is keeping a surprise, which is exciting. It’s also SUPER SNOWY out again! I felt pretty dumb buying Gwen a snow suit & boots this winter but I’m so glad I got them.

The second Charlotte Holmes novel by Brittany Cavallaro (I KNOW HER), The Last of August, is coming out in less than two weeks! I have mine preordered already and I can’t wait.

When Gwen saw this playhouse she said “Aw Nicky like to go in it with me too, soon!” so I guess I have to buy it now?

I need to try these churro donuts immediately.

I love everything in the midwinter collection from Stay Home Club so much I can’t pick just one? I want these pins, this patch, and this sweatshirt.

Riverdale is filling the Pretty Little Liars-sized hole in Sym’s and my hearts (Taylor doesn’t it like it but I think he’s just old and out of touch, not like me, I’m a Cool Mom).

five faves

My friend Lindsay posted this braised chicken recipe on facebook and I was like… I NEED TO MAKE THIS. We had it the next day and it was *chef kissing fingers* I used a mix of baby kale, chard & spinach for the greens and substituted 1 dried Thai chile for the 4 dried chiles de árbol, only because I happened to have the Thai chili already. PRO TIP: always check the Scoville heat units before substituting types of chilis! I almost threw 4 Thai chilis in before I checked and saw they are TEN TIMES HOTTER than the chiles de árbol! That would have been… something else.

H&M has online shopping in Canada now, FINALLY geez. Unfortunately the site is a weird, hard-to-navigate mess (why can I only view all the t-shirts for men, women and kids all mixed up on one endless page???) so I wasn’t able to find my holy grail t-shirt to share with you all, but I did find this one which I obviously need to buy immediately.

I’m totally obsessed with this rattle/teether I made for Nicky this week, and want to make him one in every colour! It was so easy and affordable; I got everything I needed to make it for ~$10Cdn from Canadian DIY Supply ←←← use that link for 10% off your order!

It’s no secret I went a lil bonkers on AliExpress during the Global Shopping Festival, and now all my purchases are slowly trickling in. Other than Nicky’s shark sleeping bag, my fave item so far has been these cloud-shaped placemats. I got them in white and they have been great for reducing the amount of mealtime mess with both Gwen AND the daycare kids.

Amanda. Chantal. Bacon.