My Favorite Person in the World Under the Age of Ten

My daughter Symphony is an amazing person. Just look at this fine artwork she created for me this weekend:


Uggs, beer, skinny jeans, unicorns, my favorite colours, my husband and Symmie herself- all things that are good. She just gets me. I can’t even really begin to explain how truly wonderful she is and how happy she’s made me for the last eight years, so I’ll just give you this quote and her smiling face.

Excerpted from her 1st grade report card:

Symphony lives up to her name, as an orchestra brings musicians together to bring music to the audience so Symphony strives to bring people together to provide harmony in her world.

Symphony’s school portraits through the years:


7 Replies to “My Favorite Person in the World Under the Age of Ten”

  1. i hope her teachers didn’t see the beer/wine bit because you know how sensie educators can be about adults doing perfectly normal adult things.

  2. As a grandmother, I can tell you of the sheer joy and pleasure that Sym brings to us. We are always so happy to have her here with us and feel sad when she has to return home. She is our pride and joy also.

  3. Kay- Luckily she drew it ay her grandparents house and Grandma & Grandpa are a little more understanding about “mother’s little helpers,” haha. SERIOUSLY THOUGH INTERNETS THAT WAS A JOKE, I’M NOT A DRUNK.

    Jenna- Thank you!

    Yvonne- She had so much fun with you guys this weekend, from the gingerbread house & shopping (the shirts are great, btw) to her new favorite: Farmville. And thank you for that great Sailor Moon book- I just showed it to her and she has her nose stuck in it right now.

  4. Gillian- I’m pretty sure she will, drawing is just about her favorite activity.

    Rebecca- Being such a class act yourself, I don’t think you’d have any other kind!

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