What I’ve Been Reading


The Zombie Survival Guide, 1/104

I technically started this book before NYE but I was only as far as machetes so it’ll be my first book for 2010. Taylor got this for Christmas from his mom, I think because a few months ago we spent an afternoon coming up with our own zombie survival plan and he mentioned it on facebook. I’m out of my own books to read, and I can’t reread anything because when I took down the bookcases in the library I packed all our books away in a particularly inaccessible way. I guess now I’ve given myself some real motivation for getting the new book cases built!

3 Replies to “What I’ve Been Reading”

  1. I thought the Zombie Survival Guide was pretty good! Almost reads like a textbook about the zombie apocalypse would. Classy choice, navigator!

  2. Also, my friend, since I know from LJ you love Moominpappa, you might want to read Tove Janssen’s novel “The Great Deceiver.” It’s from the 80s but just recently translated into English. I own it, but have not gotten around to reading it quite yet…

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