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I’m not reading this book but I made Taylor get a picture of it because the cover was too amazing:


I guess now we know what’s wrong with the economy: Deatheaters. You put down that real estate market right now, Lucius Malfoy!


The Center of Winter, 2/104
On Friday night I finished reading Marya Hornbacher’s The Center of Winter. I’ve read it before but I still really like it, and not just because I loved Wasted back in the day, like all teenage girls with weird, disordered eating habits.


Spook Country, 3/104
Currently I’m reading Spook Country and eurgh, I’m really not feeling it. It’s Taylor’s book, not mine, and I’ve actually gotten further in it than he did. I read a bunch of William Gibson’s stuff way back in the olden days of the 90s and I liked it well enough, so maybe this one’ll be okay in the end too. It has about 250 more pages in which to redeem itself.


Even though I’m not supposed to be buying books right now I still went with Taylor to the bookstore on Saturday so he could pick up a birthday card, and I totally slipped and bought World War Z to read next, oops!

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  1. I really enjoyed World War Z. I was pretty tired of the whole Zombie thing by the time I read it, but it’s a pretty unique take.

    I actually gave up on Spook Country. I almost never put a book aside without finishing it, but I was like halfway through with no idea what was going on and no motivation to find out, so I gave up. Not sure what happened there, I’ve like Gibson’s stuff in the past too.

    1. I liked WWZ too, it definitely had some really interesting stories!

      Spook Country was a total letdown, when the reason for the whole web of plots and conspiracies was revealed I was like “… is that it?” Also I thought it was weird that he named all the places in NY and LA (like, EVERY hotel on Sunset!) but hardly anything in Vancouver. A third of the story and the entire resolution of the plot takes place here, and yet the descriptions of the city and locations were really oblique.

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