The (Inter)National Pastime


Tracking packages via the courier’s website.

Because our apartment is at the back of the house in the basement it’s basically impossible for delivery people to find, except for UPS and one in five mail carriers. Taylor and I usually leave hand-drawn maps or notes at the front door and by the mailboxes but that doesn’t always help. This time I’m printing out a satellite image from Google Maps.

UPDATE: Jan 25, 2010 8:52 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery
UPDATE: Jan 25, 2010 11:10 AM In my hot little hands


WOW I really need to get better lighting in here. Trust me, this bag is gorgeous. Here’s a better picture:


Can I just say, Neiman Marcus is like, THE BEST. I ordered this on Thursday, shipped Friday, arrived Monday. This was with the standard shipping to Canada. Amazing!

4 Replies to “The (Inter)National Pastime”

  1. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m jealous. I’d be totally down with this “buying a nice baby bag for when you have a baby” business (is that weird/on par with buying a wedding dress before you even have a boyfriend because it’s perfect & on sale? IDK and IDC) if I wasn’t so broke. Also, I am an obsessive package-tracker when I know something is coming to me – basically I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST.

    1. haha thanks girl. I told Taylor if we never formed a babby I’d carry a small dog in it because the inside is waterproof vinyl & easy to clean.

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