The Best Birthday

Taylor and Symphony are THE BEST, they made my little party last night so perfect.

I was really tired after work and decided to make it a pajama party, so please excuse my outfit and sleepy face.

Symphony gave me a shoebox filled with little toys and pictures she had drawn of the two of us. Some of the toys were things of hers, like little stuffies, and some stuff she’d made, like a Perler bead ipod and a little green felt shape she’d sewn herself and drawn eyes on.


Taylor’s moms always give me tools and handywoman stuff, and this birthday was no exception. I got a bunch of picture hooks, a book on refinishing furniture, and a laser level and new digital stud finder. The laser level is shaped like a ball and I was really confused about what I was looking at for a second.


I was so excited about my “big” presents from Taylor. I had a pretty good idea about what I was getting and as it turned out I was complete right. He got me a collapsable workbench, which is awesome because now I won’t have to clamp wood the the dining room table to saw it anymore!


And he got me a Kindle! I was kind of against ebook readers for the longest time because I really really love books, but I read SO MUCH. I just don’t have enough room for a hundred new books a year anymore! I’ve already downloaded my first book, but I can’t start reading it yet- I have one real book left to finish first.


After presents it was time for cake, and it was such a nice one! Taylor got it from Cupcakes, and I don’t even care what people in other cities might say, this is LITERALLY the best cupcake shop in the world. Like if you don’t agree, I will fight you. It’s that good. The cake was wonderful but omg SO SWEET. None of us were able to finish even small slices!



There are lots more photos on Taylor’s flickr, mostly of me making weird faces because I’m always talking or eating when people take my picture. it’s like when my sister had her bachelorette party- every other woman there posed all ~sexy~ for pictures, even the supposed “candids,” but I had my mouth wide open in everyone because I was laughing or telling some hilarious story or something. I guess for me, having fun is more important than looking good.


Later we had pizza and played one of our epic family Apples to Apples matches. The best round had to be when the contenders for “Handsome” were “Cleaning the Bathroom” and “Angry Hornets.” Taylor was the judge and he was nonplussed, the say the least. I still can’t believe my angry hornets didn’t win!

After game (which I won) it was Symphony’s bedtime, but first we finished reading the last two chapters of Charlotte’s Web. We both ended up bawling our eyes out and had to go read Olivia Forms a Band just to make ourselves feel better.


Taylor and I finished the evening watching Fringe (a show I love) and Caprica (a show I’m still iffy about). As soon as Caprica ended Taylor fell asleep, and I putzed around on the internet for a little while (I’m making this tiny pink farm-within-a-farm on Farmville, go ahead and laugh because I know how uncool that is) before going to bed myself. I think this was actually the first time we’ve shared the bed on my actual birthday. Amazing!

Today I have a hair appointment at noon (I just had it done last weekend but I decided I want to go shorter) and then later dinner with Rich and Jenn. Other than that I think I’ll be lazy all day and try to finish up my book so I can start using my Kindle. Orrrr I might take out that workbench and start sawing things.

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  1. Great pics! šŸ™‚

    I got a Kindle for Christmas, and I felt the same way…but now that I’m into it I love it so much. It’s really the best thing for serious readers.

    Kindle love!



    I also cannot afford my book habit. But I predict even if I get one I will still buy books. Just fewer. But I am jealous in a good way.

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