Symphony, Valentines and Morgana the Cat

Last night I helped Sym do her cards for her class’ Valentines Day party tomorrow. Her stepmom, Colleen, got these great sets of cards from the store she works at (on sale, which is good because they’re crazy expensive). They’re from Meri Meri and I love them- so much cuter than a perforated Spongebob card with a gummy Krabby Patty stuck to it! She had these last year as well, with pirate and princess themed cards (this year it’s space robots and fairies), and we never use all 40 cards (20 per box) so I’m saving them for other years.

Sym's Valentines

She was very meticulous about writing the names and only made two mistakes (Laim and Jamine instead of Liam and Jasmine).

Sym's Valentines

I was in charge of stickering the boys’ envelopes shut.

Sym's Valentines

Taylor didn’t hang out with us because he was eating messy noodles.

Taylor NOT Helping with Valentines

The torn up cardboard is Dougal’s handiwork. Some of you might know that helping recycle cardboard is his favorite thing in the world.

Earlier this week I staged a DARING DAYLIGHT CAT RESCUE!!! This little black and white cat seemed to have been living in the pit under my upstairs neighbor’s porch/outside my kitchen window for the past few weeks. My neighbor Katherine asked me what we should do since the poor kitty seemed sick, so I put on some work gloves, grabbed a small pet crate, and clambered down into the mud. The daycare kids were inside having snack but I could see them through the window, and they were laughing their little faces off! The cat was trying to climb out of the pit, and kept jumping up (the pit has concrete sides that are about 3 1/2 feet high) but then just falling back down. She was skinny and muddy and eventually just gave up and I was able to corral her into the crate without touching her- I didn’t know if she had a disease or anything and I didn’t want to risk infecting Claire. I gave her some water and was calling the SPCA and emergency animal hospital to try to figure out what to do with her, when Katherine brought me a missing cat flyer from the laundry room. It turns out she’s was our other neighbor, Sarah’s cat, who escaped with Sarah’s apartment was broken into on Christmas Day (I KNOW. People are scummy). The poor cat had been on the streets for almost seven weeks! Of course I’d seen her out there but I was told Sarah’s missing cat was white, and it didn’t see her flyer since I don’t go to the laundry room. Still, a happy ending for Morgana the cat!

Sick Kitty

In other news, spring is DEFINITELY here. All the trees and bushes in the neighborhood at starting the blossom and yesterday the rain started. It’s pretty grey and dismal out right now but these bright pink flowers are helping to brighten things up!

More Spring Flowers

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