What I’ve Been Reading


Hunger: A Gone Novel 11/104, The Magicians 12/104, Shiver 13/104

These are the first three books I read on my Kindle!

Hunger is the second book in the Gone series- I read the first book last month and liked it, and I enjoyed this one as well. It explained some of the mysteries put forth in the first book and like that book, it did not shy away from gruesomeness! In this book it’s been several months since all the adults have vanished from the town and the kids are now facing the fact that they are basically running out of food, as well as growing tensions between the normal kids and the ones with powers, and they must also fight the creepy glowing underground monster! Exciting stuff. This is planned to be a six-book series and the third is due this spring, yay!

I chose The Magicians after seeing it recommended over and over again in a general discussion community I’m a member of- I actually planned on buying it as a book before my birthday but held off just in case. I really liked this book. It was funny and sad and sick and tragic. The story takes you from Brooklyn to a school of magic then to Manhattan and through to the magical world of Fillory, where the characters embark upon a quest to try and inject meaning into their fairly meaningless lives and things basically go horribly awry. There is a sequel coming out in I think 2011 and I’m excited!

I got a pdf of Shiver from some random website and I thought it was pretty stupid. If I had to describe it I would say it’s kind of like Twilight except with only werewolves and no vampires. Plus a little sex. Also, if you were a werewolf whose transformation depended on the ambient temperature (warm= human, cold= wolf), and you were trying to cling to your humanity then WHYYYYYYYYYYY would you spend your winters in MINNESOTA? It drove me crazy the whole way through the book. Near the end it’s explained that spending winters in warmer places makes them super-sensitive to any temperature fluctuations, and just walking past the opened door of an air-conditioned building can trigger a transformation, but I’m pretty sure there are places that are both warm in winter and not cities filled with air-conditioning (parts of Mexico? idk). There is also a sequel coming out for this book this summer but I am NOT excited about it. I’ll probably read it anyway though, haha.

So, here we are six and a half weeks into 2010 and I’ve read 13 books, which puts me perfectly on pace with my goal of reading 104 books this year! I have no time for slacking though- I need to finish #14 before Friday!

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  1. The Magicians was the best book I read last year — and among my all-time favorites ever. Had no idea there was a sequel planned; that’s great news!

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