Good Morning

Morning Me

I fell asleep with wet, unbrushed hair and now it looks crazy, but I had to take out all the recycling this morning so I didn’t have time to fix it before work. The childcare is technically open now, but luckily I don’t have any clients who show up before 8:05.

As you can see (or maybe you can’t if you’ve never seen my fine Photobooth photography before) but I just moved my computer out into the library. Before it was in the bedroom, but there was no room for a desk in there so I had the computer on the dresser and I had to sit on the end of the bed to use it. It was super uncomfortable and annoying, and I was sick of living with crippling internet-related back pain. I just made the move yesterday and my back is already feeling better. I guess it’s just a new start for a new month!

This is my new, current set up:

New Desk

The desk is Symphony’s old one, I just had to scrape the layers of tape and stickers off the underside and magic eraser the markers off the rest and it’s basically good as new. The chair is from my dining room, but since the library and dining room are actually the same room it’s easy enough to move it back and forth. I can’t fit this chair at the dining table when I have the babies in high chairs at it anyway.

The library is totally unfinished and undecorated so it doesn’t really look that great in here right now- the little table with my printer on it is inside an unfinished bookshelf that I’m in the middle of building- but maybe if I’m out here more during non-work and break time to use the computer I’ll be more inclined to decorate in here!

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