Spring Break! Day Five (aka The Most Annoying Day)

How excited am I that this week is almost over? SO EXCITED. Symphony has reached the spring breaking point. She’s bored of staying at home with me and the daycare kids and she’s getting pretty whiny and irritable. Yesterday she went to her friend Ali’s house to play and it was great for both of us- she got to go do something with someone her own age and I didn’t have to listen to her complaining and asking for food all day (I’ve had to make a rule that other than set meal- and snack times she isn’t allowed to ask me for things to eat because otherwise she’ll do it LITERALLY all day long).

I’m also happy that the week is almost over because HELLO it’s the weekend! which means no diapers, no fights with toddlers and hopefully, a well-rested and less crabby husband. Tomorrow I get to go to the art supply store (this is one of my favorite kinds of stores) to buy canvases for a Tanie-style mural of the solar system I’m doing for my friend. I won’t really get much time to work on it for a couple weeks but the canvases are on sale so I’m picking them up asap. This is the concept sketch I came up with yesterday:


Please note the inclusion of Mecha-Fawn.

Now the reason I’m MOST excited and why I can’t work on the paintings for a couple weeks is that we’re going away on vacation next Thursday morning. We’re going to Maui (where we were married, a year ago next weekend) for a whole week of sitting on the beach. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT!! After this weekend I only have three more days of work and then it’s time for:

Keawakapu Beach

Gorgeous beaches!



Haleakala Crater

Martian-looking volcanic landscapes!



Curly-haired husbands!


Breakfast mimosas at a beachfront restaurant patio from which you can see humpback whales splashing around!

The Facebook Pic

Romantical re-enactments of the infamous fb profile photo (this was how we broke the news to our families that we got married, haha)!

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