It’s Been a While/What I’ve Been Reading

It’s been a while, internet! I meant to post while I was on vacation for the last week but I forgot my wordpress password and I couldn’t retrieve it because I also forgot my gmail password. Oopsies! But please rest assured that I will be inundating you with pictures and stories and did I mention pictures? from our trip 🙂 In the meantime…


Sweet Valley High #120 In Love with the Enemy, 23/104
Sweet Valley High #121 The High School War, 24/104
Sweet Valley High #122 A Kiss Before Dying, 25/104

Before we left for Maui I downloaded my favorite fantasy trilogy from high school to my kindle to read on the plane/the beach/etc. I didn’t want to start it ahead of time so in the last couple days before we left I pulled out some random SVH books from my nearly complete collection to read. I chose the ~Betrayal~ miniseries and really, what can I say about Sweet Valley High that hasn’t already been said in many, many other blogs? Basically, these books are the California sun-kissed perfect-size-six blondes of the literary world! This miniseries has it all: Gang violence! A Tragic death! Surfing competitions! What more could you ask for?

4 Replies to “It’s Been a While/What I’ve Been Reading”

    1. No, I only had one when I was a kid. I started collecting them in 2001 or 2002. I still need about 10 to complete my collection.

    1. Jessica, OBVIOUSLY. Elizabeth is such a drip. My real fave is Lila Fowler though. I just love a Poor Little Rich Girl!

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