Maui Vacation: Beach Day #1

March 19th

Because of the three hour time difference, we all woke up early every day we were in Hawaii, around 6 or 6:30. That was actually like sleeping in for me since it felt like 9 or 9:30!

We decided to spend our first full day at the beach, so after a quick breakfast and a serious sunscreen slathering session we headed straight there. Even though it was basically across the street, we ended up driving over with all our stuff:
• cooler full of Dr Pepper, Sprite and apples
• Maui onion-flavoured potato chips
• three beach chairs
• two beach towels & one beach mat
• a boogie board
• a beach umbrella, which turned out to be totally useless since it was super windy
• books (including my Kindle in a Ziploc bag, haha), toys, my camera and more sunscreen

Child of Prey
Symphony was really excited to be there.
The ONLY picture of me from the whole day is an awkward self-portrait, OF COURSE :/ Also you can see I was wearing my necklace. This had hilarious results.
The Whitest Man on Keawakapu Beach
Taylor was so white. I mean, like, SO WHITE.
Sym Watches taylor Write
He wrote our initials in a heart.
This was his second attempt, for some reason the first time he wrote TT + TT.

What we forgot to bring was a watch or a phone or some other kind of time-keeping device, so we really lost track of time. We ended up stay five hours and in spite of our reapplying of sunscreen Taylor and I ended up getting a little burnt. Symphony was fine though; I think she was just running around too much for the sun to catch her! It was a super fun time though, we just alternated between reading and rolling around in the waves. At one point we attempted to put up the beach umbrella at an extreme angle to act as a windbreak but it didn’t really work, and I had to hold on to it to stop it from blowing away. Our beach neighbors tried to copy our example and their umbrella did take off and Taylor had to chase it down for them!

After going home and thoroughly aloeing ourselves, we drove over to the Shops at Wailea. We were hoping they had a drugstore so we could pick up a few essentials without going to the gross Longs Drugs in Kihei, but no dice. Instead Taylor went to go buy new sunglasses since he lost his in the ocean, and I went to the Gap Women’s store to buy a new bikini. I really like their swimwear but they don’t ship to Canada (last year I had to get my friend Morgan to order one and then ship it to me UPS) and the stores here usually don’t get any until well into summer. I considered blowing Taylor’s mind by getting a red bikini but they only had XL bottoms (my butt isn’t that big. Yet.) so instead I got, you guessed it, grey. Taylor also bought a Gatorade and look!
Gatorade, NOT Gatoradvil
No Advil! Amazing! Anyway I think the only other thing we did that day was go pick up some groceries and then sit around being burned.

Next Up: Haleakala

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