Endless Hair Drama

I’m having major hair confusion. It was a huge disaster for the entirety of my vacation and I’m kind of regretting cutting it short (although kind of not, it was good to get rid of all those fried ends). It looks really cute when I take the time to blow it out, but if I let it dry naturally it’s a sick mess and when I flat iron it it looks weird for some reason. I’m pretty sure I want to grow it back out, but the real question is WHAT COLOUR? Right now it looks like this:


This is the aforementioned natural dried sick mess. It’s pretty close to my natural shade, but the thing is, unless I want to fully embrace the grey, I have to keep dyeing it every month no matter what colour it is.

Some ~inspirations~
hair stuffs
lol clearly I’m leaning towards going dark again. Thoughts? Advice? Tips?

2 Replies to “Endless Hair Drama”

  1. how about a compromise between the really dark and the lighter colour you have now? something a bit darker than jessica alba but not as dark as sandra bullock?

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