I ♥ Long Weekends


I really can’t think of a better way to transition back into work after a vacation than by having two short weeks in a row. I have today and Monday off, and really, is there anything better than a four-day weekend? I’ve been looking forward to it all week, except for one thing- because he took so many days off for our trip, Taylor had decided to work today (well, last night/this morning, his shift is 12am-8am in order to “make up” one of the days off, so he didn’t have a long weekend with me and would be sleeping all day today.

We decided to go out last night anyway, just for burgers & beer with our friends Rich & Jenn. Afterwards we came back here and hung out with the dog while Taylor go ready to go to the work. He left at 11:15, but then at 11:40, just as Rich & Jenn were leaving he came back in a panic- he’d lost the swipe card to get into the office! Luckily he’d stopped to get coffee and realized the card wasn’t in his wallet and was able to come home to search for it. I immediately started helping to look and also offered to give him cash to take a cab to work so he wouldn’t be late. Suddenly he turned to me and yelled “April Fool’s!” I was confused (and a little drunk) so I was like “… you didn’t lose your card?” I thought, what a stupid prank, now you’ll be late to work- oh wait! “You’re not going to work!!” What dedication to pranking! He kept the lie up all week, only had 2 drinks at dinner and went all the way to Starbucks after 11 just to trick me. Obviously he’s been learning from me- the other day I was in the bath and he busted it and threw ice cubes on me, which was HILARIOUS. I guess the student has finally become the master.

Since he didn’t have to leave we stayed up and watched the new episode of Fringe, which we’d forgotten was back on. I have to say I don’t know why more people don’t watch that show, it is SO GOOD. I don’t want to spoil anything, so i’ll just say that I bawled like a baby through the whole show!


This morning I slept in, which was awesome, and then Taylor and I went to the gym. We just got back and Symphony was just dropped off, so I think we’re going to hang around here for a while and then go out to buy new dog crates for the foyer- right now I have these ugly, awkward plastic ones, so I’m going to replace them with metal ones, which I think are less intrusive into the design of the room, plus they are a bit bigger, which is nice for the dogs themselves!
For Kichou, 24″ x 18″ x 19″, this is about the same length as his current crate but its way wider AND taller:


For Dougal, 36″ x 23″ x 25″, this one is a little bigger than his current crate:


As for the rest of the weekend, I don’t know yet what I’m going to do. I know I want to get my foyer ready to photograph, and maybe spraypaint some picture frames in there red, although that depends on whether or not it ever stops raining. I have tons of work to do on Elina’s mural- it’s just a bunch of blue canvases right now.
1st Coat
Not so exciting yet, but they will be soon!

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  1. Haha, that was a great prank Taylor pulled! I would never be able to plan a prank so well in advance like that.

    1. I would never be able to keep a straight face for that long, all my pranks end with me dissolving into giggles after 5 seconds.

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