Actually Feeling Better For Real This Time

Kichou & Me

Sorry about the lack of posing recently. I’ve been having a pretty crummy month so far and I’m sure no one wants to hear me whine more about being sick and having to deal with frustrating people. I’m going to try and get back to my stay posi self this week though 🙂

After having a particularly awful day yesterday, both health-wise and emotionally, today I was ready to just have a nice time with no sadness or stress. I slept in a little and then Taylor and I went for brunch at Glowbal. The service there is so ridiculously good- today we got our food before we got our coffees!

Taylor wanted to go shopping for new gym pants- he only had one pair he liked and he’s been going six days a week (luckily I also do laundry six days a week). He made a deal with himself/me that if he worked out five days in a row he could get poutine from La Belle Patate on Thursdays aka TV Night, and he’s really been sticking to it! It kind of makes me mad that I haven’t been able to go with him, even though I’ve wanted to, because I’ve been so sick, but I’m almost completely well so hopefully I can start this week.

Before going to the sports store I made him cut through Holt Renfrew with me so I could look at purses, and I am very proud to say that although I found two adorable and almost-affordable grey bags that I liked, I didn’t buy any. We might be going to Seattle in May for the long weekend and I’m going to try to hold off until then since (if the loonie stays up!) they’ll be cheaper.

Another thing I didn’t buy today is a new couch, although I think I found one that I really like. Currently we have this sectional of leather Ikea Kramfors pieces, but one of the chaises is totally ruined. Whatever the finish or coating they put on the leather melted. It’s so weird, like first it started looking all dull, and then you could see it was drooping and sliding down the surface of the seatback and now it’s all peeled off in patches. Gross. Luckily you can’t really see it because my couch it basically just a mass of throws and pillows, but I still hate it and want to replace it. I could just get a new chaise, since the two other pieces are in perfect shape, but it pissed me off and I just want to sell them and buy a whole new couch.

Possible New Sofa

This is the one I’m thinking of. I saw it on the store’s website last week but I didn’t like it because the colour was so blah and oatmeal-y, but in real life it’s much nicer looking and a little darker. Also, it’s basically the PERFECT size for our living room- the “couch wall” is 3 meters long and this couch is 294.64cm. Obviously it’s fate! Now I just need to find some money, haha.

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    1. I did! I called a bunch of times and emailed them pictures of the damage and all they said was “there’s no warranty on the leather.” GEE THANKS >:/

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