Food is BACK

It’s been a while since I made a food post! I skipped making the planned meal on Friday night; I had to go shopping with Symphony after work and by the time we got home I was too tired to make anything more complicated than scrambled eggs, and we didn’t have lunch at home on Saturday because of the birthday party and wedding situation.

Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken and Onions with Steamed Broccoli and Rice
Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken and Onions with Steamed Broccoli and Rice

However, I more than made up for it last night with this delicious meal! The chicken recipe is from Crepes of Wrath and it’s one of my favorites. The only :/ thing was the rice wasn’t perfect. I mix together white & brown rice and getting the cooking time right is a little tricky. Overall though, a totally awesome dinner.

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  1. I almost made this tonight because I was looking for something one-pot-ish but I ended up making some Mexican stew type thing. I think mixing white and brown rice is genius.

    1. It’s my trick to get us to eat slightly more nutritious rice because none of us like the brown stuff on it’s own. I think I just need to wash it for longer, I was just in a rush that night.

  2. I’ve made that crapes of wrath chicken recipe several times now, it’s delicious! I haven’t been able to make my household like brown rice on it’s own. But I might give mixing it a go. Stealth healthiness!

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