Last Friday & this Friday


Last Friday I didn’t make this for dinner. I actually made it on Wednesday and LET ME TELL YOU it was delicious. I’m not quite at the point where I’m making my own pasta sauce from scratch, so it actually came out of a jar. I added broccoli, orange pepper, baby corn and chorizo, plus a ton of garlic because I neglected to look at the label and see that it was ROASTED GARLIC tomato sauce. Oops. It was still super yummy though!

Today I had the day off from work and while it was awesome to not have any daycare kids around, I still had my own kid around because it was also a professional development day at her school. I was going to spend the day cleaning and packing because Taylor and I are going to Seattle for the long weekend, but instead I mostly just ran errands (picked up dog food and packing supplies, had some of my planet paintings scanned* so I can get prints made) and ate things (greasy diner breakfast, 3/4 of a pecan pie oh my god). Now it’s 9 pm and I still have to clean the whole house and pack, plus get to bed early because Taylor wants to leave at FIVE A.M. to try and avoid border lineups.

*Okay this was SO ANNOYING. The Jupiter painting is 12″x12″, which is too big for my regular-sized scanner. yesterday I called Kinkos to ask if they scan, up to what size, and how much it costs, and I was told that they could definitely do something 12″ and it would be $15 for the first scan and $5 for each additional scan. I was like, “great!” so I went down there after work and the INCREDIBLY RUDE man working the counter told me it would be $15 for each scan and anyway they couldn’t do anything larger than 11″. Ugh thanks for wasting my time! Since I REALLY needed to get this done asap, today I went to this repro place on West 4th Ave, TR Trades, and they were SO AMAZING. The woman there put a huge rush on it so I could pick up my paintings & disc this afternoon so I could ship everything to Florida this weekend, and even though it was more expensive, I think it was worth to have DECENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will definitely be going there to get my prints made from now on!

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  1. There’s a great Chappelle’s Show sketch that I can’t seem to find online where he’s doing a Kinko’s training video and it’s basically like, “Welcome to Kinko’s, fuck you.” and he tells employees how to ignore customers, treat them like dirt, etc. Your pasta looks awesome and I just sent my husband out for breakfast because it was making me hungry, hahah.

  2. As somebody who works in a copy centre some of the time, that is officially bullshit. Boo Kinko’s!

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