I ♥ Rainbows

I bought some royal blue acrylic tumblers at Anthropologie this weekend and it’s put me one step closer to completing the ~Rainbow of Dishes~ I started amassing last year. Before this I had a huge collection of vintage Corelle Spring Blossom dishes that matched my Pyrex, but were starting to look pretty shabby. I have to give thanks again to all the girls in a certain general discussion forum who contributed to my wedding gift, which I used to buy the plates and bowls that were the seed of this awesomeness.

Dish Rainbow

top shelf: boring plain CLEAR glasses; assorted Starbucks “city” mugs (Taylor’s) and my travel mug that I never use; white pasta bowls that desperately need to be replaced with red pasta bowls; brown bubble glasses from Urban Barn; hot pink acrylic Guzzini tumblers from Homewerx

middle shelf: orange Waechtersbach bowls from Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware; yellow glass dessert bowls that I found in the garbage (can you believe it???); yellow Waechtersbach dinner and bread plates from Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware, lime green Waechtersbach dinner plates and bowls Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware

bottom shelf: dark green Starbucks mugs; teal “grape” goblets from Anthropologie; sky blue Waechtersbach bread plates from Chocolate Mousse Kitchenware; new royal blue acrylic tumblers from Anthropologie; purple glasses from Ming Wo

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