My Precioussssssssss

This morning we went out to Langley to look at puppies and WELP…

Sorry about the blur, she’s squirmy!

I BOUGHT ONE. She’s an orange/chocolate sable pomeranian, and I actually just put a deposit on her, since she is too little to take home yet. She is a little snuggle bug, when I was holding her she kept wrapping her front paws around my hand and hugging it! AWWWWWWWW! When she grows up she’ll probably look like her mom, who is really orangey with a brown nose, and she’ll probably weight between six and seven pounds. Her mom weighs ten and a half, but her dad only weighs two pounds!

PuppyPuppy Mommy
left: puppy; right: puppy’s mommy

Now I need to pick a name. The two I’d been considering before I even met/picked her are Georgie (her name right now is Georgia, so it would be easy for her to learn) and Babby Fudgie, but that might just be too silly!

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    1. I love her too, I am so excited to cuddle her erryday and watch her pounce on bugs and buy her little dog boots!

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