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A couple weeks ago Symphony was feeling upset about something, so to cheer here up I came up with the Popsicle Party Plan: Every Friday night, all summer, we’d make a new kind of popsicle for us to try on Saturday. We were going to start last week but with her slumber party and the Puppy Plan* we just didn’t have time, so this weekend was the first Popsicle party.

Symphony chose Strawberry Lemonade as our first popsicle, but the store I went to didn’t have straight strawberry juice, so I bought strawberries and organic lemonade.

Popsicle Party Ingredients

My popsicle tray holds about a cup and a half of liquid so I hulled and sliced half a cup of berries and blended them with a cup of lemonade.

Popsicle Party Popsicle Mix

I poured the strawberry lemonade mix into the try, Symphony added the sticks and our creation was ready for freezing!

Popsicle Party Popsicles
Popsicle Party Popsicles

Today we tried out our first Popsicle Party popsicles and Symphony declared them a success. I was worried they wouldn’t be sweet enough but they were just right.

Popsicle Party Popsicles
Popsicle Party Symmie
Popsicle Party Symmie
Popsicle Party Taylor

Today is also the first West End Farmer’s Market of the year. It takes place literally in front of my house so we go to almost every one. There wasn’t a lot of produce today, so we got delicious Bean Boy homous, three different kinds of honey and an apple pie.

Farmers Market Goods

I might go back later to get some tomatoes, the line for that stall was just way to long when we went!

*We’re going to pick Georgie up next Saturday!!!

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  1. I just made some really good watermelon/lemon ice pops…they were a bit more work than the ones you made as you had to make simple syrup twice, and wait two hours in between freezing layers, but they really weren’t bad at all and they tasted AMAZING! I can give you the recipe if you feel ambitious!

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