Insert Summer Here

After having one nice day yesterday, it’s gross and rainy out again. These pictures from Saturday evening help to remind me that it WILL be sunny again.

Sunset Tanie
Sunset Taylor

I mentioned last week that I found a dresser in the alley. Well, I’ve confirmed that the building it came from DOES have bedbugs, although I don’t know for sure if the dresser does yet. Either way I’m continuing with my decontaminate-and-refinish plan because last night I found a desk as well:


These are cool pieces of furniture! They just need a little diatomaceous earth and some tlc and I think they’ll be good as new. Of course it’ll be easier to clean and fix them up IF IT EVER STOPS RAINING OMG.

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  1. Bedbugs only tend to stick around in places where there is a lot of dead skin to eat, and blood of us to be having. My guess, from unfortunate bedbug expertise garnered in the hotel industry, is that the bugs would not hang out in a dresser on the side of a road.

    Also, a good way to tell if it has bedbugs is if you can see them. They’re not that small, you can see them.

    *sick….I hate those things*

    1. I figure better safe than sorry though! I read they can live for a year without eating. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT D:

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