Popsicle Party + Puppy

Lime & Limeade Popsicle

For this weekend’s popsicle party Sym chose Lime & Limeade for the flavour. I figured I would take her literally, so I bought a bottle of organic limeade (Santa Cruz Organics, the same brand as the lemonade I used last weekend) and some limes. I bought six but I ended up only using three because I just have an old-timey reamer and juicing limes is hard work! I was worried they’d be too sour so I also added a little sugar syrup (I just melted like, eight sugar cubes & a tablespoon of water).

You know what goes with popsicles? PUPPIES!!

Somehow I misjudged the amount of liquid I’d need and I only got six popsicles out of this batch. I also forgot to take pictures while we were making them but these are pretty simple and all my measurements are ~guestimations~ anyway.

Also if anyone is interested, there are THREE THOUSAND MILLION more pictures of Georgie on my flickr, including this never-before seen picture with her red glitter collar.


It has a rhinestone G. She’s so fetch.

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