Hold Music

Napz Time
This is what I wish I was doing right now. I’m SO TIRED!

Sunday I had a nice day with Taylor, we walked puppies, did a little shopping and lazed on the couch eating humous and watching Burn Notice (which we are recently obsessed with). I also did the nicest thing ever- I got up early and while Taylor was still sleeping I order him a Kindle as a late anniversary/early birthday present. Of course this turned out to be a bad idea when the price dropped $70 yesterday morning but after talking to three different customer service reps (amazon.ca, amazon.com, and Kindle-specific) and spending a total of 30 minutes on hold listening to the worst hold music ever, I secured a refund for the price difference. Seriously though, if you are thinking of buying a KindleDO IT because they are cheap as heck now.

This morning I learned that in all likelihood, building maintenance WILL be tearing out my wall to fix that weeping pipe problem. I’m hoping to arrange to have it done next week, because next week I AM ON VACATION. Yay, summer vacation! We aren’t going anywhere, I’m just taking a week off of work so I can do stuff like Sleep Later Than 6:30, Start Going to the Gym Again, Refinish Some Furniture and Maybe Get a Sweet Tan. Basically just not work. I really need this, I’m completely exhausted and frazzled and sick of wiping noses and breaking up fights over plastic cars. Maybe after my vacation all the kids will be over the endless summer colds and snotterfalls that have been making the rounds for the past month. I just need to make it through three and a half more days and then I’m freeeeeee!

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