What I’ve Been Reading

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Half Broke Horses 46/104; The Brief History of the Dead
47/104; Catching Fire 48/104

I loved all of these books! I knew after reading The Glass Castle that I wanted to read Half Broke Horses as well and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Kevin Brockmeier has been one of my favorite authors since I read his short story collection The View from the Seventh Layer a couple of years ago. Catching Fire is the sequel to The Hunger Games and I’ve been itching to read it for months. It suffers a little from second-book-of-a-trilogy syndrome but it’s still good, and now I’m more excited to read the final book, Mockingjay, than ever.

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  1. About the Kindle.. can you have multiple books going at once? I’m taking 3 literature classes next semester and was thinking about getting one for that purpose mostly but it would kind of defeat the purpose if I could only be reading one book at a time..

    1. As far as I know you can. You just select whichever book you need from your home screen and it takes you to where you were last reading, so you can switch between them without losing your place.

  2. I just read The Glass Castle in two bathtub sittings, thus I am pleased by your endorsement of Half Broke Horses.

    I miss the internetz. It has literally been a year since I lj-ed and Walking to Memphis fizzled once I was no longer walking to, but in Memphis. Once I get out of the nightmare of depravity that is my current job hopefully I will blog again. But probably not, because I will be busy creating MY OWN THRIFT STORE EMPIRE. *insert Value Village’s tail between legs*

    Seriously, get your ass here for Sweet Valley Confidential.

    Oh yeah, I miss Bad_Baby. You’d be amazed how many of BB Symphony’s catch phrases are still utilized by Zach and myself on a regular basis. “Hoverplane???!!” being the most commonly used.

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