Staycation Day 1

Even though I’m on vacation my day started early. REALLY early. As in, 3 am when I was woken up by a very contrite puppy who had just wet the bed. MY bed. It was my fault- I usually take her out around 11:30 and she’s good until 6:30, but I fell asleep before ten and I guess she couldn’t hold it. Oh well. I cleaned the mattress and changed the sheets and I was able to get another couple hours in before it was time to get Sym up for her second-last day of school.

After I dropped her off I met up with Taylor and we walked our soggy doggies in the rain. They both got muddy and needed baths when we got home, which they weren’t happy about. Georgie in particular is not a fan of tubtime and whined her puppy face off. One the dogs were all dried off we went out for brunch, then relaxed on the couch and watched the season 4 opener of Burn Notice, which we are like, OBSESSED with right now. We watched the first three seasons in just a couple of weeks!

Once it was over it was well past Taylor’s bedtime, so he went to sleep. I was going to do all kinds of stuff like cleaning the floors and taking out the trash and doing dishes, but that didn’t happen. Instead I read on the couch and eventually fell asleep in a pile of blankets, pillows and dogs. Luckily I remembered to set an alarm to wake up in time to pick up Sym! Now she’s playing on her room and I’m doing all the dishes and cleaning I missed by sleeping all afternoon. So today was kind of a waste, but also kind of awesome.

I also spent some time looking at old photos and found this cute picture of me and Symphony at Vera’s Burger Shack from 2007.


Hahaha I love it. Of course, like every time I look at old pictures now I want to do my hair dark again. It looks so good!!

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  1. Your hair does look pretty awesome dark. Let me know about ice cream time, or at this rate, hit chocolate time

      1. Vera’s is also sounding great…I texted you about today (if the number is still the same)…text me back if things are a go…am off work at 4 (604.346.9706)

    1. lol me too. My roots are Out Of Control right now which makes me REALLY want to say FUCK IT and go dark again.

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