Staycation Days 3-4-5

Where has this week gone?

Wednesday morning I woke up early to take the puppy out and joy of joys, I had a migraine starting (I get a visual aura first, this weebly-wobbly sparkly thing in my vision. Migraine sufferers know what I’m talking about). I can sometimes head the headache off if I eat and drink, so I had some peanut butter toast and a big glass of water before going back to bed. It didn’t work perfectly but it worked a little, and I was able to not be completely useless for the entire day and actually had a pretty nice time!

Symphony was dropped off by her dad at around nine and she brought her copy of Munschworks 2: The Second Munsch Treasury into my room and read me stories until I felt well enough to get up. Since it was the first day of her summer vacation we were supposed to go to the beach, but my head and the dubious weather precluded that. Instead we mostly stayed close to home, except when we had to run down to Sephora to exchange the Lil Angel perfume I bought her for Love instead (her dad and I had been mistaken about which was her favorite).

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies from Crepes of Wrath
In the afternoon we baked chocolate chip cookies and watched The Incredibles, and when Taylor woke up he helped me with dinner.

Steak and Potatoes!

it was steak and potatoes night
If he’d taken Canada Day off this would have been the night he was home, but switching sleep schedules for one day in the middle of the week sucks pretty hard so instead he banked the day off to take an extra long weekend in August (when I’m on vacation again). Since he had to go to work and I was still feeling fairly shitty we just watched a few episodes of The IT Crowd and then I went to bed.

Thursday was the holiday, and since Symphony’s dad was off he had asked to pick her up before lunch. This left me with a whole afternoon off from parenting, and since Taylor was asleep I was off from wifeing as well. I decided to run a simple but long errand- I want to put up mini ropes of bunting in my library windows, sort of like this but teeny:


… but I don’t want to sew a bunch of little fabric triangles so I had the brilliant idea to use double-sided origami paper. I had to go to across town to Yoko Yaya to get it, so I took Georgie with me and she had a huge walk. I think I probably carried her halfway. On the way home I was worried she was getting dehydrated so I stopped at a Starbucks to get some water. It was the first time I’d left her tied up outside by herself- I only did it because I could easily see her from inside. I could also easily hear her because OH MY GOSH she was not happy about being left alone like that and raised a huge fuss! It was pretty funny, actually. When we got home we were both tired from the walk so we napped together on the couch, which is fast becoming one of my favorite puppy-related activities.

Team Canada & Puppy

On Friday Sym was dropped off looking very patriotic still wearing the Team Canada jersey I’d put on her the day before.

Wall Centre

It was actually sunny and hot though, so she quickly changed into a more appropriate outfit and we headed out to meet my friend Morgan.

I need to get Sym on
Failed Bunny Ears

Sym said she’d only take my picture if I did “bunny ears” on myself, but they were kind of a fail
We had an early lunch at Vera’s Burger Shack and then browsed at Book Warehouse before coming back to my place so Morgan could meet Georgie. After Morgan left for work Sym and I hung out at home until it was time for my hair appointment- I needed my roots touched up something crazy. Between the foils and the processing and the blowdrying, it takes a couple of hours but Sym and Georgie were both really well-behaved. I did have to take Georgie out and grab Sym a snack in the middle of my appointment so if you happened to be in the 1200 block of Granville yesterday evening and saw a crazy woman with hair full of gold foil and a black cape trying to convince a puppy to go number two, well, that was me.

We didn’t get home until almost seven, so instead of cooking a real dinner we just had nachos and watched Aladdin, which Sym was really keen on for some reason. She didn’t get to bed until after ten and I didn’t make it much later- I kept falling asleep on the couch! I guess that one beer was too much for me!

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