Midday Picture Post

Lap Dog
A lap dog in her natural habitat. Please note her own hair stuck in her mouth because she was doing some crazy flails and bites.

Nutella Glass
You know how regular plastic jars of Nutella are that awkward shape with the weird bulges at the top that make it hard to scrape out every last speck of chocolate hazelnutty goodness? So annoying, right? Well there’s this totally bizarre little bodega near my house that sell the regular chips-pop-cigarettes, but also random foods from around the world, and one of the things they carry is Nutella in these glass cups. These are awesome because:
• it’s way easier to get out every last speck of chocolate hazelnutty goodness
• they only costs $3 so I have less guilt about buying them
• instead of having to wash out and recycle or just throw away the empty plastic jar, this packaging is totally reusable as food storage, a vase or even a drinking glass- the rim is rounded and smoothed and properly finished
So basically for just $3 you get easily-accessible Nutella, PLUS a practical and versatile glass! Not too shabby.

My printer is totally sucking and probably needs to be replaced, BUT I literally just put new ink cartridges in it that I don’t want to waste. I had a whole bunch of free sample packs of 4×6 photo paper so I’ve been printing out tons of ~inspirational~ pictures, to put up on my not-yet-purchased bulletin board. I now have a stack about 3/4 of an inch thick that’s a combination of six or seven family photos combined with a million pics from my tumblr. Since the printer is so bad and the paper is pretty small it doesn’t really matter that the resolution isn’t great.

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