How I Love That Man of Mine

Taylor got a package this afternoon, and when he opened it, guess what was inside?
New Camera!
A new camera! But wait, Taylor already has a camera, a much fancier one than this. I’M the one with the broken- oh wait.
New Camera!
the last picture ever taken with my SD790 IS
Yes, for the second year in a row Taylor has surprised me with a new camera after I’ve broken mine (the one I have now he bought for me when I jammed the lens on my old one right before we eloped to Hawaii). Not only did he buy me a new camera, but he made sure I wouldn’t buy one for myself by telling an elaborate lie about new models coming out and blah blah blah stuff he knew I’d just be like “OK WHATEVER.” That trickster!

Anyway my broken one isn’t THAT broken- the side panel that the wrist strap attaches to pops out if pull on it (the strap, I mean), but it still takes perfectly decent pictures, so I might be selling it. If anyone needs an emergency camera for a reasonable price, let me know!

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