No Patio Lanterns Required

Shadow Issues
lol I think Taylor needs to be more aware of where he is in relation to the sun

Last night I dragged Taylor on an ill-fated trip down to HomeSense on Robson Street to look for some of those brightly coloured resin Adirondack chairs to use in the backyard- I saw a ton of them there just the other week, but unfortunately they are all gone already! So disappointing. We are going over the bridge to Home Depot/Canadian Tire this weekend and there’s a bigger HomeSense there, so maybe they’ll have some. EDIT: I just looked at the Canadian Tire website and they have them there for $20. SOLD AND DOUBLE SOLD.

I’m also sick and tired of my patio furniture.
The Patio
SNORE. It’s teak and I’m over it. I want to spray paint it, and I haven’t oiled it in over a year so it should work. I mean, I hope it works! I have bright red, yellow and pink paint left over from other projects, and I bought a couple of rainbow umbrellas to try to make a mini-patio umbrella- a couple in case I mess it up!
I got this at the dollar store, awesome.
The Rainbow in the Rain
Eventually I want one more like this but for now my dollar store specials will have to do!

Georgie in the Flowers
Also, I took Georgie to the vet yesterday for her shots and a checkup and she’s gained a whole pound! What a good puppy!

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