Finding That Silver Lining


I’ve been feeling really bummed out recently. Like, sad tired overwhelmed depressed exhausted drained stressed bummed out. It sucks and I’m sick of it since most of the stuff that’s bumming me out are things I have no control over anyway. I feel low physically, emotionally and creatively. I need to shake myself OUT of this funk and here’s how I’m going to do it:

1. Starting next Tuesday (the 27th) I’m going to start going to the gym again. I know that if I start working out again I’ll feel way better about myself AND have more energy.
2. As soon as we finish all the water for the cooler, I’m canceling the delivery service and donating the money I used to spend on it to a charity (tbd- any ideas?) that helps people in developing nations get access to clean water. I’ll feel better because I’m reducing my ecological footprint AND helping others. Win-win! Besides, who am I to argue with the Metro Vancouver tap water campaign?
3. I’m going to (re)start work on my self-portrait painting today. Right now. This will get me out of my creative rut and inspire to create more!

This is a picture of Jesus

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  1. Hi Tanie, glad you like our Tap Water Campaign. We wanted to make it easier for people to find tap water when they’re away from home since a lot of tapaholics still buy water in single-use plastic bottles when they can’t find a tap.

    Our free iPhone app, Tap Map ( has data for over 550 public drinking fountains, though a lot of them get shut off for the winter. Free apps for Androids and Blackberries coming soon.

    So thanks again and thank you for sending money to a charity that will help provide clean drinking water!


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