Non-Stop Shopping

I keep buying random things online, I’m waiting on about a zillion packages. I think I may have to cut myself off! Yesterday one was delivered and I was SO EXCITED I tore it right open without looking at the name and as it turned out it was something Taylor had ordered. So disappointing! Anyway here are some things I have on the way.


BDG jorts in ~smokestack~ from Urban Outfitters. For some reason I didn’t buy these when I saw them in the store even though I love them- I have the same ones in ~indigo~ and wear them basically every day (they are the ones I had on when I fell in that sludge on Saturday). ANyway when I went back to get the grey ones I couldn’t find them, which is super annoying.


Cuckoo Clock print tank top from RedPrairiePress on etsy. Because what I need is another grey tank top, lol.


Customized Team Zissou sneakers for Taylor from teamzissousneakers on ebay. I was really surprised to win this auction, the previous pair went for way more so I wasn’t even going to bid on them, but I did on sort of a whim and promptly forgot about until I got an email saying CONGRATULATIONS! They are technically for his birthday but he knows I got them because I had to ask him what his shoe size was (it’s 13, btw. GIANT FREAK FEET).


“Breakfast at Tree House” print with adorable pandas from krisblues on etsy. It took my half a day to decide which of Kristiana Parn‘s prints I wanted, they are all so cute!


Silky linen pants from J. Crew. I’m excited about these, they are like classy sweatpants. I’m a little nervous about the sizing though- I’ve never ordered from J. Crew before and I took an extra 30% discount which made them a final sale, so if they don’t fit I am Out Of Luck.


Smart Planet Mini Doughnut Maker from Amazon. This is going to be so fun, and maybe after the summer Sym and I can have Doughnut Parties instead of Popsicle Parties. Speaking of, I DID make popsicles on the weekend and I DO have a Popsicle Party post pending (omg), but none of the pictures I took are good I have to restage them (ie we all eat more popsicles) tonight.

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